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under the girls at the playground.

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How do you get the time capsle once its dug out in big nate island?

Once you have taken the time capsle out, click on the little yellow lock. You have now opened the time capsle.

On poptropica on big nate island how do you get the time capsle out of the ground?

you put the penut butter craker where the school girls were standing. Spitsy will dig a hole and the time capsule is there!

Where is the time capsule hidden on poptropica?

at the playground on big Nate island

How do you get the time capsle on poptropica at big nate island?

you get the bell from the basement room and then you put it on the playground so the 3 girls go back to class Put the peanut butter crackers on the ground where the girls were and the dog will dig out the time capsule click on it and then.....U SAVE THE SCHOOL!

How do you rescue spitsy on poptropica?

you do not rescue him.You us him to undig the time capsle with the crakers

How do you dig to get to the time capsle on big nate island?

you have to use the gramcrackers you will get them by playing "Go To Jail" in the kids only clubhouse when you put a gramcracker down, the dog will come and dig.

What is the fourth easiest island in Poptropica?

The first easiest is Early Poptropica, then Shark Tooth, then Big Nate, then Time Tangled.

Where is the time capsule in super power island on poptropica?

There isn't any time capsule in super power island, only in Big nate island

What level is the easiest in Poptropica?

the easiest world in poptropica is,[big nate island] then,[the great pumpkin island] then,[early poptropica island] then,[shark tooth island] then,[24 carrot island] then,[time tangled island] then,[nabooti island] then,[super power island] then,[spy island].

How do you take the time capsle out of the ground on big nate island?

You can't. You can only get the capsule out so far. Once it reaches it full length, you have to click on the button. The chest will open and you receive your medallion.

What island was after time tangled island on Poptropica?

24 Carrot Island was the 4th Poptropica island. The first 9 in order were: Early Poptropica Shark Tooth Island Time Tangled Island (originally Time Twisted) 24 Carrot Island Super Power Island (originally Super Hero) Spy Island Nabooti Island Big Nate Island Astro Knights Island

What is Big Nate Island?

Big Nate Island is an island on Poptropica. The goal of this island is to recover the time capsule hidden in the playground, but first you have to find out where it is. The time capsule has a huge pearl inside, which would provide the funds to repair the school. But although you find it and get an award, Big Nate takes the credit for your discovery!

How do you get the map from underneath the rock on poptropica?

first take both of the seals & push them to the left to get map to find the time capsle.

What do you do after the bell rings in Poptropica?

In Nate Island, the girls have moved from their spot so you can dig and find the time capsule.

In Poptropica on Big Nate Island what do I need a jet ski for?

you need the jet ski to get the map for the time caupsul

Where is Artur on Poptropica in Big Nate island?

Artur is in the secret room behind the file cabinet. (He was hunting for the Time Capsule.)

How do you get to big nate island on Poptropica?

Use the Poptropica Blimp to travel between Main Streets on any island. On Astro Knights Island, return to planet Poptropica and park atop the castle. On Time Tangled island, choose the Lab setting to return to Pendulum's lab on Main Street.

What is Big Nate about on Poptropica?

Big Nate Island Description from Poptropica.com: Get ready for a whole new type of adventure on Poptropica. Enter the comic strip world of Big Nate - a wisecracking kid who holds the all-time record for detentions at his school. You're on a mission to find a long-lost time capsule which, if found, can save the school from demolition. You'll need help from Nate and his friends to complete the quest! Taken from: http://www.poptropica.com/bignate_island.html --- Read Poptropica Help Blog's guide: http://poptropica.wordpress.com/island-help/big-nate-island/big-nate-guide/ If you don't understand something, you can leave comments on the blog asking about it.

What is after shark tooth island?

Shark Tooth Island was the second Poptropica Island. In order of release, the islands are : * Early Poptropica Island * Shark Tooth Island * Time Tangled Island * 24 Carrot Island * Super Power Island * Spy Island * Nabooti Island * Big Nate Island * Astro Knights Island

What was the third island in Poptropica?

The third island was time tangled island. The islands in order of their release :Early PoptropicaShark ToothTime Tangled24 CarrotSuper powerSpyNabootiBig NateAstro KnightsCounterfeitReality TVMythologySkullduggery

Where is the time capsule in big nate in poptropica?

in the playground where the girls are.

What islands are on Poptropica?

Early Poptropica was the first island created for Poptropica.Shark Tooth Island was the second island released on Poptropica.Time Tangled Island was the third island released on Poptropica.24 Carrot Island was the fourth island released on Poptropica.Super Power Island was the fifth island released on Poptropica.Spy Island was the sixth island released on Poptropica.Nabooti Island was the seventh island released on Poptropica.Big Nate Island was the eighth island released on Poptropica.Astro-Knights Island was the ninth island released on Poptropica.Counterfeit Island was the tenth island released on Poptropica.Reality TV Island was the eleventh island released on Poptropica.Mythology Island was the twelfth island released on Poptropica.Skullduggery Island was the thirteenth island released on Poptropica.Steamworks Island was the fourteenth island released on Poptropica.Great Pumpkin Island was the fifteenth island released on Poptropica.Cryptids Island was the sixteenth island released on Poptropica.Wild West Island was the seventeenth island released on Poptropica.Wimpy Wonderland was the eighteenth island released on Poptropica.Red Dragon Island was the nineteenth island released on Poptropica.Shrink Ray Island was the twentieth island released on Poptropica.Mystery Train Island was the twenty-first island released on Poptropica.Game Show Island was the twenty-second island released on Poptropica.Ghost Story Island was the twenty-third island on Poptropica.S.O.S Island was the twenty-fourth island on Poptropica.Vampire's Curse Island was the twenty-fifth island on Poptropica.Twisted Thicket Island was the twenty-sixth island on Poptropica.Upcoming IslandsPoptropolis Games Island will be the twenty-seventh island on Poptropica. For further detail on the island, be sure to check out Wikipedia for a description and what you have to accomplish.

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