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Where is the tomb of Egyptian god seth?


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Seth, never dying in Egyptian myth, did not have a tomb.

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Seth is the Egyptian god of evil

The Egyptian god Seth is a real god of ancient Egypt.

In Egyptian myth, Seth did not die.

The ancinet Egyptian god Seth did not die, so did not need a sarcophagus.

Egyptian myth does not have the birth year of Seth.

Egyptian myth does not say.

The Egyptian God of Chaos is Seth.

Seth was a god in his own way. the Egyptians call him the Seth animal. he is a fearsome four legged predator.

Ra- god of sun Anubis- god of death Amon-Re- The Egyptian god Isis- The Egyptian goddess Horus- The Egyptian falcon god God Orisis and Seth the Egyptian god

The Egyptian god is Set also known as Seth. He is lord of the desert and god of storms, confusion, and destruction

Seth was born in the city of Ombos in Lower Middle Egypt.

He was jealous.............. i think ? :/

Evil God, usually represented by a hippopotamus.

Seth's role/responsibility was to rule the Ancient Egyptian Red Land (the desert) and he was known as the god of deserts, chaos, fire, storms, trickery, disorder, envy, violence, and foreigners in Ancient Egypt.

seth was the god of mischief but i dont know about storms

I statue of Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead, was found in Tomb KV 5. This is the tomb of the sons of Ramesses II.

because he was born to have one

Seth, or Set, was the ancinet Egyptian god of winds, storms, chaos, evil, darkness, strength, war, conflict, Upper Egypt.

Set, or Seth, is a god of the desert, storms, and foreigners in ancient Egyptian religion. See link:

Set (also sometimes Seth) is the Egyptian god of storms. He was also the god of chaos, confusion, wind, the desert and foreign lands.

Seth the god of chaos and Nut the goddess of the sky, I think :)

No, this is an issue that comes from translation. The Egyptian Seth is the mischievous god of the Underworld whose proper Egyptian name is "Seti" or "Setesh." The Old Testament Seth is the progenitor of all humanity (through Noah) and comes from the Hebrew "Shayt".

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