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the same as Pokemon emerald but you need first to get de Pokemon league

if you don't know where he is on Pokemon emerald.

his tower is on route 230 by walls

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How do you get raquayza in Pokemon SoulSilver?

in the top of the kanto radio tower.

Where is mirage tower in sapphire?

mirage tower only appears in pokemon emerald.

Where can you get rare candy on Pokemon Sapphire?

Battle Tower 48BP

What happens when you beat the Battle Tower in Pokemon Sapphire?


How do you get raquayza in Pokemon Black and White?

It lives in the clouds

After beating battle tower on Pokemon Sapphire what is the next objective?

you cant cause its the end of Pokemon sapphire. but the game Pokemon emerald has the whole battle frontier.

What do you do in Pokemon Sapphire after defeating the Elite Four?

Go to the battle tower

Where to get raquazer on Pokemon Sapphire?

sky tower which is east of pacifidlog town

What to do after the battle tower in Pokemon Sapphire?

Collect all Pokemon try getting Pokemon darkcry off eBay

Where is the trainer tower in Pokemon Pearl?

There is no Trainer Tower in Pokemon Pearl. It is only present in Pokemon Leafgreen and Firered and Pokemon Emerald. There is however, a Battle Tower in Pokemon Pearl which is basically the same as the battle towers in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

How can you get a shiny Raquayza in Pokemon sapphire?

heres the answer find requaza in the tower once you get to the top. then save, go up to him and battle him- if he is not shiny(black) soft-reset the game. press a+b+start+select to reset the game. then battle him again if he is not black reset again and continue the process until he is black

How come Rayquaza can't enter battle tower Pokemon sapphire?

Some legendary Pokemon can't enter.

How do you get Tropius in Pokemon Sapphire?

go to the route with the aqua tower on your way to the flying gym

Where is air tower in Pokemon sapphire?

its called the sky pillar and its on route 231 i belive

How do you get ryquazua on Pokemon Sapphire?

surf from the right from pacifilog town then go to the sky tower

How do you catch raquayza in Pokemon ruby?

Go to sky pillar near Pacficlog Town ,make sure to use your masterball and save your game before you battle Raquayza.

What do you do after helping celio on Pokemon FireRed?

Once you deliver the ruby and sapphire you can now trade with ruby and sapphire start collecting all the Pokemon or start training your Pokemon for the trainer tower on island 7.

What are the Pokemon that can learn shadow force on Pokemon sapphire?

In sapphire version, you can catch sabeleye (sorry if i spell it wrong...) at sky tower (i don't think it is tower but it is what I think it is .) just left of Pacifislog city. and it will already know shadow ball. and, if your lucky, you can catch Altaria( EXTREMELY RARE!) in sapphire at least.

What happens after defeating he Pokemon league in sapphire?

After u complete the pokemon leauge..u can go to the Battle tower,by ship .

Is there a secret cave by battle tower in Pokemon Sapphire version and if there is where is it?

No there isn't. The cave is in Pokémon Emerald

What Route Do You Find Rayquaza In Pokemon?

In Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire at the top of Sky tower after the Pokemon league emerald before the Pokemon league Diamond, Pearl and Platinum you have to migrate from the GBA Games (Sky Tower is near pfialog)

How do you beat Pokemon Sapphire version?

beat elite 4 , beat battle tower , and catch all Pokemon and get them to lv. 100 :)

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

What do you do in Pokemon Sapphire after you become the champion?

You go on the SS Tidal, go to the battle tower and have one, final Trick House. I'm not happy with the amount to do after completing Pokemon League in Ruby and Sapphire...grrr...

Can you get raquayza in Pokemon silver?

no it's not possible to catch rayquaza in silver but if it is a hacked version you can catch it