Where is the transmission dipstick on a 1982 911SC located?

The dipstick for virtually all the 911 engines is in the engine compartment, in the rear of the car in the right side wheel well. The oil tank is mounted in the wheel well itself. The filler spout is located in the engine compartment above the engine. Open the filler cap and the dipstick is there. To measure the oil in a 911, the engine MUST be at operating temperature to allow oil to flow throughout the engine, tank, and oil cooler up in the front wheel housing. The engine must be running and the car must be on a flat surface. Then you can check the oil tank level.

The dashboard also has an oil level gauge for the oil tank (this is a dry sump engine which holds ~12-14 quarts in the car). Again, the gauge is to be ignored until the engine temperature is up to the proper operating temperature. If the oil level is low, DO NOT overfill the tank. The dipstick & gauge will be in the red/low and only be ~1 Qt/liter low. Add only ~1/2 quart at a time and the re-check the level, remember, the engine should be running. The oil tank gauge is known to fail over the years, so checking the dipstick is important to ensure the gauge and dipstick level match. If the gauge bounces when warm, you know it is responding well. Don't ignore the oil level as oil not only lubricates but also cools an air cooled engine and is the lifeblood of the 911 engine.