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Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2008 Avalon?


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There isn't any! In 08 Toyota did away with the dipstick. Fluid is supposed to last for 100,000 miles and can only be changed by the dealer or transmission place.

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The transmission dipstick is located to the left of the engine on a 1996 Toyota Avalon. It is near the oil dipstick.

If you know where the transmission dipstick is located you use a funnel and pour the transmission fluid into the place where the dipstick came from.

The 2008 Toyota Avalon has a 6-speed shiftable automatic.

The transmission dipstick, On a 2008 Chevy cobalt, can be found at the back of the engine compartment, near the center. The dipstick handle will be bright yellow.

There is an oil dipstick. If there is no A/T dipstick the transmission is sealed for life.

The dipstick is a special tool that only the dealer has.

The dipstick is a special tool that only the dealer or transmission shop will have. The tube is behind and below the coolant bottle.

My dipstick is not on your Caravan. Your dipstick is is under the hood on the left side, looking at the engine. The transmission does not have a dipstick. It is a special tool that only the dealer has.

The dipstick is a special tool that only the dealer has.The dipstick is a special tool that only the dealer has.

Down the transmission dipstick tube.Down the transmission dipstick tube.

The transmission dipstick for the 2008 dodge avenger is considered a mopar technician specialty tool. basically what this means is that they want you to bring your vehicle into a licensed dealer to have maintenance performed on the transmission. It is possible to get ahold of one, but it might be hard to come by

there is not a dipstick on a manual transmission

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There is NO TRANSMISSION DIPSTICK on the Daewoo Lanos

The 2004 Chevy Cavalier transmission dipstick will be on the left-hand side of the transmission. The transmission dipstick will have a bright yellow handle.

It's called a "maintenance free" transmission. No dipstick.

There isn't a transmission dipstick. Auto mechanics have tools that will flush the transmission but other than that, there is no dipstick. There is a transmission pan under the truck where you can drain/flush your transmission.

Look under the hood, and locate the transmission dipstick. Grab the top, and pull the dipstick out of the dipstick tube.

it is a transmission that does not have a dipstick

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, it will have a dipstick. Manual transmissions do not have a dipstick.

The G5 has a transmission dipstick. Find it and check the fluid level as normal.

1997 Saturn sc2 loction of transmission dipstick

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