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Where is the trunk light located in a 1998 Mercury Sable sedan?

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If it's like my 1999 taurus, it is located on the underside of the rear dash inside the trunk.

2006-10-01 02:33:08
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Where is the inertia switch located on a 2003 Mercury Sable?

On a 2003 Mercury Sable sedan : The fuel pump inertia switch ( shut off switch ) is in the trunk , on the passenger side of the trunk , behind the trunk liner ( there is an access hole )

When was the Mercury Sable first produced?

The Mercury Sable was first produced in 1986 as a mid sized model and was made until 2005. In 2008 the Mercury Sable was reintroduced as a full sized upscale sedan model. The latest model was only produced for two years.

What is the Fuel tank capacity for a 1990 Mercury Sable gs sedan?

According to my Chilton's Auto Repair Manual : For a 1990 Mercury Sable : ( 16.0 U.S. gallons or the optional extended range tank which is 18.6 )

What type of refrigerant is in a 2002 Mercury Sable sedan?

Listed on the A/C placard. More than likely R134a

How much does a Mercury Sable weigh?

Around 3,400 lbs for a sedan and 3,550 for a wagon circa 1996-2006.

How can I temporarily disable the airbag in my 1994 Mercury Sable Sedan so that I can safely install a new audio receiver?

disconnect the battery.

During which model years was the Mercury Sable produced?

The Mercury Sable is a car that was produced by the Ford Motor Company. It was made between 1986 and 2009. The original Sable was a mid sized car produced from 1986 to 2005. It was remodeled to a full size upscale sedan and produced from 2008 to 2009. This model was not produced between 2005 and 2008.

Where is the spare tire on a 1996 Mercury Sable?

In the sedan it is in the trunk under the carpet . In the wagon it is behind the removable plastic panel on the drivers side of the cargo area

Where is the spare tire and jack stored 1997 Mercury Sable LS?

Under the carpet in the trunk ( on the sedan ) and behind the trim panel on the left side of the cargo area ( on the wagon )

Do a 1997 Mercury Sable have a fuel pump reset button if so where at?

For a 1997 Mercury Sable : Yes , on the sedan open the trunk and behind the trunk liner on the passenger side ( there is an access hole ) there is a fuel pump inertia switch ( shut off switch ) that has a reset button on top of the switch If the button has popped UP then no power is going to the electric fuel pump

What does the ls stand for on a 1997 mercury sable ls?

My understanding is "luxury sedan"... A higher "trim-level" than the G and GS, meaning more sound insulation and more fake wood interior trim.

Where is the Sedan Public Library in Sedan located?

The address of the Sedan Public Library is: 115 N Chautauqua, Sedan, 67361 1301

What does the gs stand for in a mercury grand marquis?

Grand Sedan

Where are the dash light fuses located on a 94 Cadillac Sedan Deville?

Right between blinker fluid and Johnson shaft

Can a infiniti g35 sedan 05 tail light fit a g35 sedan 03 tail light?

yes they´ll fit

What is the l s stand for in mercury grand marquis?

Luxury sedan

Is the engine of a 1994 mercury grand marquis gs sedan interference?


Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the mercury monterrey sedan automatic 1971?

The power of the engine and the maximum speed of the 1971 Mercury Monterrey Sedan automatic are 235 bhp and 60 mph respectively.

Will a 99 Honda Civic sedan tail light fit on a 96 Honda Accord sedan?


Did the 1950 Mercury sedan have turn signal lights?

Yes it had turn signals.

Is the fuel pump on a ea falcon wagon located in a different spot to the sedan?

The Sedan fuel pump is in the top of the tank. The wagaons are located in the side of the tank.

How do you access the third high-mount brake light on a 1986-1995 Taurus - Sable?

SedanBy the picture in one of the repair manuals, it appears there is a screw on each side of the plastic housing - take those off and the housing should lift up and away - bulbs are right there.SedanAppears the trim piece that is the light housing should just lift up and out - no screws.

Picture of where the fuel filter is located on your 1990 Nissan Sentra sedan?

where is the fuel filter located would like to see a picture , 1990 Nissan Sentra sedan

Were is the oil pressure sensor located on 1994 Cadillac sedan deville?

The oil pressure sensor is located on the oil filter adapter on the 1994 Cadillac Sedan Deville.

Where is the fuel pump located on 92 Cadillac sedan Seville?

it is located in the gas tank