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the energy storage of a cell

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Q: Where is the vacuoles storage unit of cells?
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What are the large storage areas for cells called?


What part of the cell is a storage unit?

Vacuoles is your answer. In plant cells Vacuoles are very large in animal cells vacuoles are much much smaller usually not even labelled in diagrams.

What is a sentence for vacuoles?

Vacuoles are the food storage for the cells. They are open spaces that contain food material for the cell.

What is the storage in plants?

In cells, vacuoles store inorganic and organic materials. The "storage" of the cell.

What do vacuoles protect and from what do they protect them?

vacuoles don't protect anything, they are a storage unit for food, waste, and water.

Which cell organelles are known as the storage units in the cells?


Act like storage areas within the cells?


Name two storage organelles?

The two storage organelles are vacuoles and vesicles. Vesicles are found in animal cells, and vacuoles are found in plant and protest cells.

What do vacuoles in animal cells do?

It's water storage. It stores water.

What does vacuoles do for plant cells?

a vacuole is the temporary storage area for the cell.

What is a vacuole of a plant responsible for?

Vacuoles are storage apparatuses in all cells where they are found.

Membrane bound space in the cytoplasm of cells used for the temporary storage of materials?

Vacuoles are the membrane bound spaces in the cytoplasm. They are used for the temporary storage of materials in the cell.