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It begins at the intake manifold.

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Q: Where is the vacuum supply for the climate control on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter?
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What is the black vacuum hose on your Jeep Cherokee coming from the ac control?

That is the vacuum supply for the HVAC control.

2004 grand Cherokee climate control only blow from defoster?

There is a vacuum problem to the internal vent control assembly. Either a vacuum leak, missing hose, or blocked vacuum port is not allowing vacuum to reach the ports of the door controls that direct air flow inside the HVAC box under the dash. Check for vacuum at the control assembly, and then that the assembly is porting the vacuum to the control pods.

How do you reconfigured a cruise control on jeep grand Cherokee overland 2002?

I am not sure what you mean by reconfigured. If the cruise is not working the first things to check are the vacuum supply to the servo and to check the pcm for trouble codes.

1996 Jeep Cherokee heater control valve vacuum line where does it connect once it goes through the fire wall?

the vacuum hose connects to the airbox

Why is your air conditioning fan switching from vent to defrost on acceleration?

You have a leak in the vacuum supply to the ac control.

What can cause heat not to work when you turn the climate control button to the heat?

It all depend if it is vacuum operated or electrical. If it is vacuum check the vacuum line attached to the intake manifold, it might have come loose. If its electrical check the heater control panel.

Where does the vacuum line run inside the fire wall to on 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It goes to the ac/heater control head.

What do vacuum lines for a car do?

Vacuum lines supply vacuum for various functions.

Function of vehicle vacuum canister?

When the vehicle is under acceleration it doesn't supply vacuum. The vacuum canister or reservoir holds a vacuum supply to operate vacuum operated accessories until the engine regains vacuum.

Is there a vacuum modulator on a Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission?


What is an EGR vacuum solenoid on a 1991 4.3 s10 and what it does?

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve opens when vacuum is applied. The EGR vacuum solenoid opens and closes the vacuum supply to the EGR valve when it is commanded to do so by the ECM (Engine Control Module).

Where would you look to find a vacuum leak in the temp control panel or engine to panel in a 1989 Ford Tempo?

Under the hood at the center of the firewall, there is a thin rigid black vacuum line connected into either the vacuum manifold or into another rigid tube... the other side goes into the firewall. from there it goes behind the dash, right behind and above the radio. then it plugs into a veresser right behind the glove box (if you pop out the glove box door, you will see it, its right next to the seatbelt control modual) from there the vacuum supply hose is WHITE, and this goes to the manifold at the back of the climate control switchbox.

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