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It begins at the intake manifold.

2004-11-18 11:11:55
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What is the black vacuum hose on your Jeep Cherokee coming from the ac control?

That is the vacuum supply for the HVAC control.

2004 grand Cherokee climate control only blow from defoster?

There is a vacuum problem to the internal vent control assembly. Either a vacuum leak, missing hose, or blocked vacuum port is not allowing vacuum to reach the ports of the door controls that direct air flow inside the HVAC box under the dash. Check for vacuum at the control assembly, and then that the assembly is porting the vacuum to the control pods.

How do you reconfigured a cruise control on jeep grand Cherokee overland 2002?

I am not sure what you mean by reconfigured. If the cruise is not working the first things to check are the vacuum supply to the servo and to check the pcm for trouble codes.

1996 Jeep Cherokee heater control valve vacuum line where does it connect once it goes through the fire wall?

the vacuum hose connects to the airbox

What can cause heat not to work when you turn the climate control button to the heat?

It all depend if it is vacuum operated or electrical. If it is vacuum check the vacuum line attached to the intake manifold, it might have come loose. If its electrical check the heater control panel.

Why is your air conditioning fan switching from vent to defrost on acceleration?

You have a leak in the vacuum supply to the ac control.

Where does the vacuum line run inside the fire wall to on 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It goes to the ac/heater control head.

Function of vehicle vacuum canister?

When the vehicle is under acceleration it doesn't supply vacuum. The vacuum canister or reservoir holds a vacuum supply to operate vacuum operated accessories until the engine regains vacuum.

What do vacuum lines for a car do?

Vacuum lines supply vacuum for various functions.

What is an EGR vacuum solenoid on a 1991 4.3 s10 and what it does?

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve opens when vacuum is applied. The EGR vacuum solenoid opens and closes the vacuum supply to the EGR valve when it is commanded to do so by the ECM (Engine Control Module).

Where would you look to find a vacuum leak in the temp control panel or engine to panel in a 1989 Ford Tempo?

Under the hood at the center of the firewall, there is a thin rigid black vacuum line connected into either the vacuum manifold or into another rigid tube... the other side goes into the firewall. from there it goes behind the dash, right behind and above the radio. then it plugs into a veresser right behind the glove box (if you pop out the glove box door, you will see it, its right next to the seatbelt control modual) from there the vacuum supply hose is WHITE, and this goes to the manifold at the back of the climate control switchbox.

Is there a vacuum modulator on a Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission?


Why does AC air come out of the defrost vents instead of the front vents when you accelerate?

Ok, on my 99 Cherokee Sport I found that the vacuum lines along the inside of the passenger side inside fender wall to the Cruise Vacuum Module. The line continues on into the grill area and ends. On mine the end was open, causing a severe vacuum leak! Plug the end of the line and the cruise, A/C, heater, etc. all work fine when you accelerate. I don't know why the factory overlooked this?AnswerI've heard that you can add a vacuum canister in the line to act as a reservoir when extra vacuum is needed. AnswerThis occurs because the climate control doors(that direct the ventilation in the car) are vacuum operated, using intake manifold vacuum. The default(no vacuum) position directs the air to the defrost outlets. When you accelerate, the manifold vacuum drops below that required to operate the doors, and whatever you've got the temp set at blows out of the defrost. When you take your foot off the pedal, (or release the cruise control) the vacuum quickly recovers and the ventilation returns to normal. This is a design flaw, as far as I can tell, there is no fix. AnswerCould also be a vacuum leak. same thing happened to me on my Cherokee (xj) a while back AnswerWhile this might not be correct for your Jeep, I'll offer it anyway. On my Dodge van, there is a vacuum check valve in the line which feeds the climate controls. If it leaks, the controls will follow the engine vacuum and air will come out the defroster on acceleration. The idea is that since the climate control lines should be static and non-leaking, the manufacturer can use the lines and manifold as its own reservoir during periods of low vacuum.

What needs to be done to fix a sticking climate control in 98 sable Vacumn or electric?

It all depends on what of the climate control that is sticking:Stuck on defrost only - that's a vacuum 'switch' under the dash. Find and follow the vacuum hoses , maybe up above the passenger side dash (that's where the vacuum line enters through the firewall.Stuck on a particular temperature - that's likely to be due to a failed temperature blend door actuator motor. A very common failure on Taurus/Sable climate control systems.See "Related Questions" below for more

Does a 94 jeep grand Cherokee have a vacuum module on trans?


Why would the ac blow warm air out defroster when accelerating on a 1986 Lincoln continental?

You have a bad vacuum reservoir or leaking vacuum line. Vacuum is usedd to control the air duct doors in your system and when you accelerate, the vacuum supply is greatly reduced...causing the duct doors to "default" to the defrost position.

Where is the vacuum control Valve located on a 2002 Ford Explorer?

Need to know which one you are looking for or, what does this vacuum control valve control.

What does a vacuum pump on a 1984 Cadillac Deville do?

I can only think of one reason you would have the vacuum pump and that is because you have a diesel engine in your caddy. The Oldsmobile diesels they used in these cars had vacuum pumps located in the rear of the engine in the same location you would expect to see a distributor. The vacuum pump was used to operate the cruise control and the climate control system. It also released the parking brake when you moved the shift lever and provided vacuum to the transmission.

Why does my 1994 jeep Cherokee not blow air out of the dash vents but it blows everywhere else?

I would look for a Vacuum leak possibly under hood. Does your Cruise control work?

Why does hot air continue to blow out of the vent and the heater on a 1983 Cadillac DeVille no matter what the control is set on?

There is a vacuum switch located behind the dashboard climate control panel. When the vacuum system develops a leak you are unable to change the flow diverter. The part itself is cheap, I paid $17 at a dealer for it but you do have to remove the control assembly to change it out. If you listen carefully you should be able to hear the vacuum leak.

How do you repair the climate control on a 1992 Buick Park Avenue Ultra?

4 how to repair climate controlI have a 95 park ave and my climate control broke and the heat stayed on, so I purchased a new climate control from a used parts place for around $70 bucks and installed it my self, you will need to take off the front dash pannel and unplug the old one and insert the plug into the new one. The climate control on my 92 PA was not working properly. I found that the vacuum line going through the fire wall had got disconnected. Connecting that solved my problems.

1988 Jeep Cherokee vacuum diagram?

give up...plug them.

How do you fix the constant buzzing from the Vacuum pump motor for the climate control on a 1985 300ZX?

You have to find the leak in the system. Once your entire vacuum system holds constant suction, the pump will cut off and only come on when needed.

Where is the olsmobile alero cruise control vacuum line?

where is the 2002 oldsmobile alero cruise control vacuum line?

Why does the climate control work when the car is at low rpm but shuts completely off upon rpm increase but re-powers up when rpm return low on a 1995 Lincoln mark viii?

My guess is its vacuum related. High vacuum at idle and low vacuum during acceleration is normal. Look for a vacuum leak