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Q: Where is the white magnifying glass at the beach in where's waldo?
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Where's waldo white magnifying glass future?

middle of left side of screen. Three grey craters.

Who was the name of wheres Waldo's girlfriend?

it was Jane

What does does esta walado mean?

wheres waldo

What is the name of a cartoon character beginning with the letter w?

Woody Woodpecker is a cartoon. It begins with the letter W. Winnie the Pooh

What is a waldo?

from the book "Waldo" by Robert Heinlein. A Waldo is kind of a physical translator. Imagine working on a very small circuit with a magnifying glass. Your every movement would take things too far to deal with. A Waldo translates your motions to the micro scale to make the actions fit the scale. Great book BTW

Wheres waldo in gobbling gluttens?

near the middle of the the left of the chickens on the fire!

Where is waldo book 1 at the beach checklist wheres the 5 spiders?

This is a quote from someone who answered this question on another site: " I also couldn't find the 5 spiders, but I did find my old original print Waldo book with the beach scene. I compared the list of things to find in each book, and surprise, there are not 5 spiders. The original print says "5 sprinters' which are found by the beach coast on the right page. When they made the new edition of the book for the Waldo Collection, they must have got some wires crossed and instead of typing "5 sprinters" they wrote "5 spiders'. "

Where is waldo on HorseIsle?

Waldo is a Walrus. He lives on the beach of Berg Isle. Find the cluster of trees north of Viola's house. Follow the same line that the two trees are on to the very edge of the beach.

Where is the striped photo waldo in the beach?

to the left of the puppet show in the red and white stripped tent Waldo is behind the green and white striped barrier.

Where do I start Waldo's missing pail on HorseIsle?

North eastern beach, Berg Isle

Where is the cowboy at the beach in where's waldo?

it is almost next to woof and there is a man with a cowboy hat

Where is waldo's key on the beach in the game where is waldo?

on the far left, bottom part of the scene...there's a blonde haired girl with a red shirt and green skirt...its by her foot!