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Where is the windshield wiper fuse in a 92 accord?


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were is the windshild wirer fuse on a 1992 honda accord ex


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There are two separate fuse panels in a 92 eldorado. One is in the trunk on the left side and the other is under the hood near the windshield wiper fluids.

The wiper control relay on your 92 BMW 325i is located in the fuse and relay panel in the engine compartment, drivers side toward the windshield. It is the long relay that is furthest away and to your right as you look down at the panel from over the driver's side fender.

The wiper relay is underneath the dash on the driver's side. In the same location are the relays for the horn, headlamp, flashers and door locks. They are in cluster of relays.


the AC fuse is located in the Swing down fuse panel under the headlight, rear window wiper, defroste switches in the E position. It is 10A fuse.

The 1992 Honda Prelude intermittent wiper fuse is located in the fuse box. The fuse box can be found in the engine compartment, behind the battery box. The location of the fuse is listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Check your fuse and wiring first this may be the problem. To replace the motor you must remove the front dash...which requires some patients, a combination of screws and clips. Once exposed the motor is easily removed.

pop the hood, and look on the passenger side upper corner. There is a black box for fuses, and it will be in there.

how i can connect the radio for my 92 accord wagon

Unless you get some custom mounts made, the civic engine will not mount in the accord. Any 92-96 Accord or 92-01 Prelude engine will bolt up to the 92 accord. **Note, the 97+ Prelude engine is OBD2, but can be converted back to OBD1, which is what the Accord is..

From the positive battery cable but you must HAVE A FUSE BLOCK OR A SHORTED WIRE WILL CAUSE A FIRE.

I had an 92 Honda accord that had 375,000 Miles on it and hit a wall and the motor still ran!

If you live in a cold climate, sometimes ice builds up under the wiper linkage and keeps it from moving. The wiper control and/or motor are damaged.See "Related Questions" below for much more about both

Check the fuse first. If the fuse is good apply 12 volts directly to the horn. If it blows then the horn button on the steering wheel or wiring is defective. If not, the horn itself is defective.

Under the dash near the fuse box. under dash upper left of steering column. labeled main relay

Hey I just went to a Japanese Car Wrecker paid $15.00 and took the entire assemblies of a 90 or 92 Honda and it works great.

Check under the hood in the back left hand corner closest to the windsiled. There should be a black cover over it that may give a diagram so you know what fuse goes to what area. Yes my 92 accord would not work so i checked the fuse panel under the hood. There is no label that says lighter fuse but its the one that says interior light its a 15 amp fuse try that.

check your radio backup 7.5 amp fuse in the engine compartment fuse box. It also controls the clock, not sure of the lighter.

No, the 88 is the 3rd generation and the 92 is the 4th generation.

You've checked all of the obvious causes of a non-running wiper motor -- blown fuse, faulty wiper switch, etc. ... Also - the wiper motor won't run if it has lost its ground connection - connect a jumper wire to the wiper motor case and a known "good" ground on the vehicle body. If the motor works, clean up the ground connection. Maybe the linkage is binding? Check that, too. If the motor must be replaced: 1. With the hood up, disconnect the negative battery cable for safety and unplug the wiper motor's electrical connector. Then remove the three motor mount nuts. 2. Hood down. Remove the wiper arms. There's a release lever at the base of each arm that you pry out with a small screwdriver and then lift the arm off its post. 3. Remove the grille that fills the space between the back of the hood and the bottom of the windshield. Raise the hood to do this: the grille is held in place with screws, you may have to move the weatherstripping around to find all the screws. On my '92 Dakota I'd also have to disconnect the hoses to the windshield washer nozzles. When all of the screws are out the grille should lift up and off of the windshield weatherstrip. 4. You need two wrenches for this part: hold the wiper motor's drive crank with one wrench to keep it from turning and use the other wrench to remove the crank nut. Take off the crank and lift the motor out.

Originaly the 92 accord called for a 5-20 oil but at your current age I would recomend using at least a 10-30 but not sythetic

where do I add brake fluid to my Honda accord 92

not sure on a 92 but I have a 97 Dakota & the fuse for the horn is under the hood. Check the fuse box on the left fender well. inside the cover should tell which fuse it is

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