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Most liklely the oceans and the sea. Remember, THERE IS VERY LITTLE SALT IN RIVERS, LAKES, AND WETLANDS!

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What is salt water and fresh water?

Salt water is water that has salt in it and it is found in oceans. Fresh water does not have salt and is found in rivers and lakes.

Is salt peter found in water fountains?

Is salt peter found in water fountains

Why is water vapor not as salt as the ocean?

because there is alot more salt found in the ocean rather than the amount of salt in the atmosphere

What is the name for the main salt found in sea water?

The name for the salt found in sea water is called crystalline salt.

Where are salt water marshes found?

Salt water marshes are found in the upper coastal intertidal zone.

What are the ingredients found in salt water?

Salt water is a solution of sodium chloride in water.

What is salt water made of?

Salt water is water that has salt (sodium chloride) ions dissolved in it. It is what is found in the oceans.

Where is salt water often found?

Earth's oceans are filled with salt water.

Is there more salt water or fresh water on earth?

Salt water is more than fresh water.

Is haddock a fresh water or salt water fish?

It is a marine fish found in the atlantic ocean.

Which is more dense sugar or salt water?

Salt water is more dense.

What happens when you mix salt and water for a day?

It depends if you have more salt than water, or more water than salt, Salt will dissolve into the water either way. But if you have more salt it will turn into a wet clump of salt with dried pieces here and there.

Which has more density salt water or sugar water?

salt water

What melts more snow water or salt water?

salt water

Is tap water or salt water more cohesive?

Salt Water is

Does salt water or sink water weigh more?

salt water

Which one has more density water or salt water?

salt water

Which has more pressure fresh water or salt water?

Salt water

Where is brakish water found?

Brackish water is found where salt and fresh water combine

Where can the clown fish be found?

the clown fish is found in salt water so were ever there is salt water there is a clown fish.

Will objects rust more quickly in salt water or water without salt?

Salt water

When salt water is distilled the salt is found in?

The salt will be a solid at the bottom of the vessel.

Is there more salt water or fresh water in the world?


Which is more dense fresh or salt water?

salt water

Characteristics of salt water?

-found in oceans, some salt lakes and marshes -salinity of ocean water is about 3.5% -contains more ions than all types of fresh water -more denser than fresh water, and easier to float

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