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Where is thinning of the ozone layer taking place?


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In the ozone layer. Where the ozone is.


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Thinning of ozone layer is the depletion of ozone molecules by natural or man made factors. The place where this thinning is prominent is called ozone hole.

It is taking place in stratosphere. It is harmful for life on earth.

In the ozone layer, ozone relensihes. It is replenished by UV rays.

The ozone layer is present in the stratosphere. It is because of the perfect UV radiation and temperature to form ozone.

Ozone layer depletion takes place on PSC's. These are frozen clouds.

The effect of ozone layer is same overall. The ozone depletion over one place will affect the UV in that area.

The lowest ozone concentration (the "hole") occurs where there is little / no UV-C to make ozone. If there is no UV-C, there is no UV-B for ozone to protect us from. The thinning of the ozone layer near the tropics is the problem, not the hole. Ozone decays rapidly, so the ozone layer would have to be bombed *a lot*. Which will require more fossil fuels be consumed to loft the ozone, which will place more humidity at the level of the ozone layer, which will in turn destroy more ozone. SO as one responder said: No, dude.

The ozone layer is just a place in the atmosphere. So a person can fall through an ozone hole, or through the ozone layer itself.

The state of South Australia is the place in Australia most likely to be affected by the ozone layer. This is because of the hole in the ozone layer.

The gravity puts it. It is a layer protecting the earth.

Ozone layer is found in the stratosphere. It is a pool of ozone molecules.Ozone layer is found in stratosphere. It is a layer of ozone gas (O3) which covers the entire earth. About 90% of the ozone in our atmosphere is contained in the stratosphere and it protects earth from harmful rays from sun.

Ozone is changing. It is because of various factors which take place in the environment.

Ozone layer is depletion is happening in the stratosphere of the earth's atmosphere. It is majorly concentrated over Antarctica's atmosphere.

The ozone layer is damaged mostly over the poles. It is because most of the ozone depletion takes place n low temperature which is only found at the poles.

It is because ozone depletion takes place in cold regions. Antarctica is the one place where ozone hole has been noticed.

The ozone depletion takes place due to the wreckless use of ODS that is the ozone depleting substances by the humans. They react with ozone to decompose it and thus deplete the layer.

Most human activities in the ozone layer take place on their way through it, to or from space. We are testing yet more aircraft that will rip through it and spew more water vapor into the ozone layer from above, but we are not there yet. Most of what we do to the ozone layer drifts up from the ground, and our furious toings and froings.

The ozone is destructed over the poles. It is because of the low temperature there.

Depletion of ozone layer causes temperature to increase. Ozone layer blocks about 97% of the the total received by the earth. Ozone depletion will expose earth to harmful radiations and will burn the life. The temperature will increase and make earth inhabitable place.

The ozone layer is spread up to a great place. The estimate distance from the surface is 15 to 35 kilometers.

Ozone depletion is occurring in the upper atmosphere.

Ozone may be present in extreme trace amounts and it is air pollution, but the ozone layer can only be in one place; 10 to 50 kilometres up in the atmosphere.

This phenomenon acts as in the stratospheric region the atmosphere. In this layer the ozone layer is present which protects us from the harmful Uv rays.

Ozone layer is the reason for earth to be a habitable place to live in. Ozone layer blocks around 97% of the total radiation received by the earth. It acts as a blanket and keeps the atmosphere cool. It is responsible for the survival of life on earth.

Depletion of ozone creates holes in ozone layer. Ozone layer blocks about 97% of the the total received by the earth. Ozone depletion will expose earth to harmful radiations and will burn the life. The temperature will increase and make earth inhabitable place.

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