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Where is transmission stick on 98 Chevy Cavalier GTO?


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As you stand in front of the car looking to the right.Look for a white dip stick.


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The automatic transmission in the 2005-2006 GTO was the Hydramatic 4L65E, as opposed to the 2004 GTO with the Hydramatic 4L60E. The manual transmission was for the 2004-2006 GTO was the Tremec T-56 with M12 gearset.

3.46 for auto and manual transmission.

On the side of the transmission has 2 wires running to it

left side transmission cover through left wheelwell

about 17 quarts. or you can substitute water.

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Some features of the 2006 Pontiac GTO include 6.0L, V8 and 4 speed automatic transmission. The cars come in fun colors and provide excellent handling and comfort.

BOM = Balistic Orange Metalic (car color) LS2 = Engine Model (6.0L) GTO = grand turismo oma golten (IT race) M6 = Transmission Model

i belive on a manual transmission its acually located on the transmission should be like a 18mm to a 22mm fill plug usually located on the driver side of the transmission if you can check it from the top you can fill from the top but i don't belive manual trans have a dip stick if you remove the plug on the side of the transmission and fluid comes out its full you may have to check fluid specs with your local dealership or parts store to ensure proper fluid

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I would assume so. I have a Chevy 454 in my 68 GTO, and it fits fine. I just used chevelle Motor Mounts. Bolted right to the a-body frame. However my hood on the 68 might have more room from the ram air set up.

GTO production for 1970 : Hard top - 1,761 Manual Transmission, D-Port heads 1,986 TH-400 auto Trans , D-Port heads Convertable- 158 Manual Transmission, D-Port heads 241 TH-400 Auto Trans , D-Port Heads Total 455 Ram-Air GTO = 4,146 out of A total production of 40,149 (GTO)

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The Ferrari 250 GTO stands for Gran Turismo Omologato. The Pontiac GTO is named for the Ferrari.

Little GTO was created in 1964.

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