Where is your labret located?

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Labret is french for lip

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Q: Where is your labret located?
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What is the name of the piercing that is by your chin?

The piercing that is located above the chin is a Labret* ( *Latin for lip ) however there are various other piercings in the area of the mouth, that were also called a Labret piercing or Lip piercing.

Can you get a vertical labret piercing if you already have your labret pierced?

Yes a vertical labret is on the lip surface to the lip edge, a labret is on the lower lip below the lip edge so having the two should not be an issue.

Can a labret stud be used on the lip?

If it's a vertical Labret piercing then it's a curved barbell, if it's a standard lip piercing it can be a labret stud or a ring.

Where can you find lip aka labret studs that from the outside look like a sparkle?

They are called Bio-Plast labret studs, they are a bio-compatable plastic labret stud.

What is the smallest labret?


What is a labret piercing?

Labret is Latin for "lip" , a labret piercing was defined as a centerline lower lip piercing placed just below the center of the lower lip, they jewellery designed for this piercing is called a Labret stud a flat back stud with a removable top, screw on ball.A labret piercing in a piercing between the center of the lower lip and chin.

What is a lebret piercing?

Well it's actually a Labret piercing taken from the latin word for lip. A Labret piercing is a piercing in the lip done with a Labret stud, captive bead ring or barbell.

Can you wear a Labret in a Cartilage piercing?

Yes, of course you can. I like wearing labret posts in my ear piercings because of the flat backs.

What is a labret bar?

A Labret bar as you call it is a Labret stud designed to be used in Labret piercings or oral piercings such as the Monroe, Medusa, Lowbret. It has a disc on one side and a shaft with internal or external threads to accept a threaded ball or threaded jewelled ball. The shaft must be sized to the client by the professional piercer to allow for swelling and proper healing. Labret is latin for lip, confused as french it is actually medical latin.

Does Tyrese Gibson have a labret?

He used to have one.

What is the name of the piercing David Draiman has?


What is the piercing called in the middle of your chin?


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