Where is your soul?

Opinions on the location of the soul

  • Souls only exist in the minds of believers and the soul dies when they die.
  • Christians believe it cannot be seen like your heart, but it is the invisible part of you that goes to heaven.
  • In nuclear physics there is a confluence called Quantum Entanglement. This property connects between two physical entities and can communicate instantaneously with its' counterpart. If quantum entanglement occurs naturally then there is the strong likelihood that peoples minds are connected at the subconscious level.As such, our soul may be the connection we share with other people.
  • Philosophically speaking, the soul is the "animus" or animating force of the body and has nothing to do with religion. According to the theory of hylemorphism, all creation is composed of matter and form. In human beings, the matter is the material body and the form is the animus, life force or soul. The soul, being immaterial, has no parts or specific concentrations and so informs the entire living organism to which it is proper. If any part of the organism is separated, such as a severed finger, the soul ceases to be there when the material body part can no longer support it. The soul, however, loses nothing of itself since it has no quantity. Whether human souls have special attributes or are eternal is another question not to be addressed here.

The difficulty in answering this question is that souls do not really exist. They are a theological invention to give us hope for an afterlife, and thus make people less afraid of death. So, the soul exists in the minds of believers. And when people die, then their beliefs and hopes die with them.