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Turtle Beach headphones can be bought right from the Turtle Beach website. One can also get them from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, GameStop, Dell, and the website geeks.

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Are there any TVs available with earphone option?

No, but if you buy a new tv, with an USB drive, and you get a turtle beach headset, any one of them should suffice, then you can watch tv with the headphones.

Where can you buy a turtle beach head set?

All good gaming stores e.g. game.

Where can you buy shadow headphones?

Buy and Amazonm both sell shadow headphones.

How do you get the metal detector on Sifaka World?

talk to the turtle at the beach when you have at least 200 coins and buy 1

How do you make a turtle beach 7300 open to pairing?

Dont buy turtles beaches. Problem Solved.

Are headphones part of an iPod?

If you buy an iPod, headphones will be supplied with it.

Cheapest place to buy skullcandy crusher headphones?

Amazon is a cheap place to buy Skullcandy Crusher headphones. You can buy a pair for $43.99.

Where can you buy Bose headphones?

Bose headphones are considered the top of the line headphones in the industry and are easily found at stores like best buy or at sites like amazon.

Where can I buy running headphones?

Regular headphones would do. Headphones that say you can listen to them on a run is a lie, because you can do that with almost any set of headphones, I do when I go on walks.

Where can you buy headphones?

Anywhere in the world

How do you find your beats headphones?

you can buy BEATS HEADPHONES by going to a WAL-MART near you

Can you buy bulk headphones?

Check out encoredataproducts.com - they've got earbuds and headphones in bulk.

How much does it cost to buy a turtle?

to buy a common turtle is will cost from 30 to 90 pounds i am a professional turtle breeder

Is there a place I can buy just a piece of the Turtle Beach headset for my xbox 360?

I would recommend that you take the xbox back to where you purchased it, as it is likely under warranty. Consequently you will not have to buy anything.

How do you use turtle beach headsets with HDMI connnectors on the Xbox 360?

i heard that u can buy HD jacks u no that go into ur tv

Where would you buy a baby turtle in Birmingham?

You would buy a baby turtle at a pet store.

Where to buy a cheap turtle beach headset?

On Black Friday every year. Just dont know which one is the best to buy, For the information , ask a sales associate and he/she mite be able to help u.

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