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One can find graduate law jobs on the Monster, Workopolis, and Career builder websites. One could alos contact local law firms to inquire about any positions available.

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2013-07-10 08:20:27
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Q: Where might one find graduate law jobs?
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Where can I find jobs in law enforcement?

One can find jobs in law enforcement by visiting an employment center where they will help one find and apply to all available law enforcement jobs. One can also go on sites like Kijiji to find and apply to law enforcement jobs.

What requirements are needed for one who is looking for jobs as a law clerk?

Most law clerks are going to be a recent law school graduate, who graduate near the top of their class. Clerkships are highly competitive, and most applicants will have previous experience with law review or moot court.

Where can you find a solicitor job?

There are a number of online websites where one can find solicitor jobs. Some of these websites include Indeed, Law Gazette Jobs, Job Outlook and Simply Law Jobs.

When was PLM Graduate School of Law created?

PLM Graduate School of Law was created in 2004.

When was Riga Graduate School of Law created?

Riga Graduate School of Law was created in 1998.

Where can one find postings for lawyer jobs?

One can find postings for lawyer jobs on several different websites. These include: Life After Law, Workopolis, Total Legal Jobs, Wow Jobs, Craigslist and ZSA.

Where can one look to find law firm jobs?

You can go online to websites such as Monster and Indeed to look for law firm jobs. You can both post an application as well as apply for specific jobs at these websites.

What was the law passed in the 1970s to ensure minorities get jobs?

I think you might be thinking of Affirmative Action.

What is the law about jobs called?

The body of law about jobs is called employment law or labor law.

Where can I find information about law enforcement careers?

Police Jobs and Law Enforcement Training: hundreds of police jobs and find out how to qualify for them at You can train for police work, private investigation, homeland

What would be a good Law Firm to try and find out about Paralegal Jobs ?

To find out about Paralegal Jobs you can use the 'indeed' website. It offers a lot of information about Paralegal Jobs and opinions from users which is always helpful.

What is the difference between academic law graduate and professional law graduate?

An academic law graduate has typically earned post-secondary/graduate degrees in law (i.e. Master of Laws LL.M. and/or Doctor of Juridical Science S.J.D.). A professional law graduate has earned the law degree that prepares them to professionally practice law in their jurisdiction (i.e. Juris Doctor J.D. or Bachelor of Laws LL.B.) (although they will still need to complete any bar/certification exams).

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