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Q: Where on the schwinn recumbent bike 226 do you plug into the computer?
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What AC adapter do you need for your Trek 2200 recumbent stationary bike?

UPEXX Plug In Class 2 Transformer Model No: AM-61000 Input: 120VAC 60Hz 15W Output: 6VDC 1000mA

Where is the timor on a 125cc motorbike?

There is not a timer on the dirt bike itself, you have to take it to a retailer and have them plug a machine into the computer of the dirt bike, it will display how many hours (off brands such as baja generally dont have the computer capability to read out how many hours are on the bike) for a street bike, you have to apply generally the same process

How do you remove a spark plug out of a 1985 Honda xr200r dirt bike?

Remove the rubber cover and plug lead from spark plug. Using a bike plug spanner [cheap at your favourite auto supermart] remove plug.

Where is the transmission drain plug on 1991 softail with EVO motor?

Under the transmission oil reservoir, across from the oil drain plug and on the braking side of the bike. (from bottom of the bike the transmission drain plug will always be on the braking side of the bike. The oil drain plug on the shifting side.)

Where is the oil drain plug on a 2004 harley Davidson low rider fxdl?

looking underneath the bike; it is the plug on the shifter side of the bike.

How do you start a bike?

the spark plug can be used

How do you tune a pocket bike?

A pocket bike can be tuned up by adjusting the carburetor and changing the spark plug. Changing the spark plug wire when necessary will also help with a tune up for this type of bike.

What is the spark plug gap for 2011 230 Yamaha Dirt Bike?

What I s the correct spark plug gap for 2011 Yamaha 230 Dirt Bike.

Spark plug for a 1989 suzuki rm 125?

The spark plug for this bike is Ngk Br8es.

Can you plug an AC computer into a DC plug?

You can plug an AC computer into a DC plug only if you also have an inverter to transform the DC power into the AC power that the computer power supply expects.

How do you make your computer find your flash drive?

Usually just plug the flash drive into the computer. A flash drive is a Plug-and-Play device, meaning you can plug the device into the computer and the computer will detect the device without having to reboot.

How do i Plug in a computer?

What do you mean by plug in for a computer? Plug in's can be in 2 different terms of computer. 1 - Plug in a power lead, monitor lead etc. 2 - Plug in's can be a software addon or browser addon. for example; A plug in for flash player.