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Q: Where one is with the dead tree?
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What tree is planted in cemeteries?

A Dead one!!

Where the is yamato?

Yamato is long gone he is dead he is a tree is one with nature tree

Is Barry Corbin One Tree Hill star dead?

no he isn't dead

What to do with dead tree?

you dig it up and plant a new one

Is Nathan dead on One Tree Hill?

Nathan Scott does not die at all through out the show of One Tree Hill

Is luccas dead on One Tree Hill?

No he just moves from Tree Hill in the end of season 6.

When was The Old Dead Tree created?

The Old Dead Tree was created in 1997.

When did The Old Dead Tree end?

The Old Dead Tree ended in 2009.

What is a tree that is dead but still standing called?

i think it is called a snag or a dead tree

How is a dead tree alive?

A dead tree is alive because there are many little bugs and critters living in the dead log !

What do you call a tree with a hole in it?

A dead tree Wrong!

Does a DEAD tree have cells?

Yes. Even if a tree is dead it has cells. They are no longer living but they are still there.

What is the Outermost dead bark of a tree?

Dead bark is weak armour and no longer needed from the tree.

What are 8 dead things in the forest?

a dead tree and me!

Why is a tree brown?

It is DEAD!

How does a root grow when a tree is dead?

if the tree is dead,the roots are still alive as they are the ,most important part of a plant ,so, although the tree is dead, it still can asorb water.

How do you fix your dead pom pom tree?

you can fix it by getting another one to replace it

Who is liable when a neighbors tree falls?

It depends on what made the tree fall. If the tree is dead, then the owner of the tree is liable. If a tornado caused it to blow over it is considered a natural act and no one is liable.

Is a dead tree a herbivore omnivore or carnivore?

None, as it is dead.

Where is the dead tree in World of Warcraft?

The dead tree is near ratchet in a open field full of creatures on the left

Can you get paper from a dead tree?

It depends how long tree is dead. After few years of lying and putrefaction it can't be used.

What are the stages of tree life cycle?

Seed Seedling Sapling Tree Dead tree

What does a dead provide to tree?


What does a tree eat?

Dead people

How big is the snag tree?

A snag tree can be of any height. It refers to a standing, partly dead or dead tree. Often missing the top and a few branches