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You can get information about small business liability insurance from almost any insurance company, even the ones that advertise for auto insurance. The Nationwide company has liability insurance for businesses. Information can be found on the official website.

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Q: Where online can one find information about small business liability?
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Where can one find more information on general liability insurance for small business?

One can find more information on general liability insurance for small businesses on the United States Small Business Administration, which is a government run website.

Where can you find out more information about insurance liability?

Hiscox is a good start to find out about insurance liability. Hiscox can provide small business owners and brokers with the information they need to meet their insurance liability needs.

Why should you make your small business a limited liability company?

The move to a limited liability company completely depends on the type of small business they own. For most small businesses, turning into a limited liability business is worthwhile.

I need help with business tax for a small business.?

You can find information on small business information at your local business bureau or online at,,id=98966,00.html.

Do I have to have liability insurance if I open a small construction business?

Yes, you are required to have liability insurance if you wish to open, and have licensed, a small construction business.

Where can someone learn about business liability insurance?

Any insurance agent or website can provide information about business liability insurance, but it may be best to check with the Small Business Association (SBA) or an attorney to learn the most advisable coverage for a specific business or business type.

What kind of information is offered at online? is the site for the small business administration. It provides resources to help small businesses, and information on current small business legislation. The information offered from online is for people thinking of starting a business. They offer lots of information including training, funding, resources, marketing and so much more.

Which websites offer information on small business liability insurance?

Liability Insurance protects a business for an injury that may happen to an individual or employee while at the company. Some of these could include medical expenses, attorney fees, or any damages that may happen. Nationwide as well as the US Small Business Association both have detailed information on their websites.

What are the two major duties that liability insurance for small business provides?

The first major duty that liability insurance for small business provides is to defend the small business when it is, for example, sued by another party. The second duty for liability insurance for small business is to pay all claims the insurer is liable for as well as to settle any clear cut cases submitted to insurer immediately.

Where can someone get information on opening a small business?

Someone can get information on opening a small business through a variety of online publications. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has their own information available for someone looking to open a small business. Newspapers such as the New York Times also have informative articles designed to help someone looking to open their own small business.

Is a limited liability company necessary for a small business?

If you just so happen to own your very own small business, you do not necessarily have to set up a limited liability company. It is not legally required.

What can one do to learn small business marketing online?

You can speak to a professional to learn how to conduct small business marketing online. There are also books available in most libraries that can provide useful information in regard to this topic.

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