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There are books available through sewing centers or sewing catalogs on line. Some of the books are very inexpensive. Also check your local library. They are an excellent source of information. You also didn't state whether you were speaking of machine stitches or hand stitches. Either way, give your library a look see. <><><> I stumbled upon this because I was looking for the same thing! Examples of Hand stitches ONLINE. I found a few links with some examples that I hope will be useful:

2008-07-27 10:44:41
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What tool do you unpick sewing stitches with?

A seam ripper is used to remove, or unpick, sewing stitches.

What are some examples of joining stitches in sewing?

back stitches, machine . running stitches

What are the uses of temporary stitches in sewing?

They are basting stitches which can easily be taken out at a later time. they are longer than the normal stitches

Where can you get stitches?

Get a sewing machine and sew stitches with the sewing machine. If you dont know how to sew get someone to teach you or look on youtube

Can you undo stiches in sewing?

Yes, undoing sewing stitches is called "ripping out."

What are two other permanent stitches?


How do you give stitches?

You have listed sewing and first aid as the categories. What sort of stitches are you talking about?

What can a sewing machine do that a tailor cannot?

A sewing machine quickly makes interlocking stitches.

What is Good slogan for selling a sewing machine?

The Sewing Machine....It'll keep you in stitches!

Catchy slogans for the sewing machine?

The laughing seamstress sewing company: we keep you in stitches!

Why do you overlock in sewing?

Locking or overlocking your stitches ensure that the stitches you made don't unravel on you, be it accidental or not.

What are the different kinds of sewing stitches and its pictures?


What is the name of the woman sewing stitches on the sheets?

A seamstress.

Should you keep your stitches covered?

Do you mean stitches sewed into your body, or a sewing project/repair project?

What is the stitch count?

This means how many stitches per inch. For example, in sewing on a machine the usual # of stitches per inch is 8 - 10 for normal sewing, 6 stitches for basting. On crocheting and knitting an actual pattern will tell you how many stitches per inch is used.

How many types of sewing stitches are there?

There are plenty types of sewing stitches such as: Back Stitch, Overstitch, Gathering Stitch, Zigzag, Busting Stitch, Standard Stitch and many more.

What is balance wheel in a sewing machines?

the balance wheel is the wheel that balances the thread and the stitches on the sewing machine

What is different kinds of sewing stitches?

blanket stich is one

Can you show how to sew without a sewing machine?

Do a search on google or youtube on hand sewing stitches or go to the library and check out a book on sewing.

What can a modern sewing machine do that the first machine couldn't?

The Modern Sewing Machines can do some many stitches. The First Sewing Machines don't

What is the difference between stitches and sutures?

Sutures is the technical medical term for what you're calling stitches. Stitches is a nickname for the procedure due to the similarity of sewing stitches and having to tie a wound shut.

What are temporary stitches in sewing?

Temporary stitches are called basting stitches. They are long stitches that are used to hold pieces together until they are sewn, and can be easily removed once the piece is sewn together.

What are examples of decorative stitches?

Any embroidery stitches are decorative. Most modern sewing machines have several built-in decorative stiches, including the feather stitch, cross stitch, entredeau, and scallop. In hand sewing, just a few of countless decorative stitches are the chain, French knot, vine, and satin stitches.

What is the stitch length control?

In a sewing machine it adjusts the length of the stitches

What does the stitch length knob do?

It controls the length of the sewing-machine stitches.