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Where plant grow and seeds germinate?


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Plants grow from the roots and seeds germinate in the roots as well.

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The seeds will germinate and grow into young plants, and perpetuate the species.

Seeds germinate when it starts to grow shoots and roots.

You only need one seed to germinate to get a plant. Many times if you plant one seed it will germinate and you'll have a plant. Sometimes you have to plant many seeds for one to germinate and produce a plant.

Plant seeds need water to germinate, grow into a mature plant and then reproduce. Water in the desert is a rare commodity so when sufficient rain does fall, the seeds quickly sprout and grow, bloom and form more seeds. It's a matter of a survival adaptation.

they germinate to reproduce so more of their species grow

Seeds need many things to germinate, but it mostly depends on what kind of seeds your trying to grow

No, the cold makes them dormant. They will not grow unless the temperature is ideal for that plant type.

Seed plants germinate from seeds and grow in to a mature plant that has flowers and cones.the flower and cones have pollen and overies that combine to produce seeds and the process keeps going on.

Plant one for each pepper plant you want to grow and then 10% extra to cover for those that do not germinate.

If you plant the seeds in compost and water them they should germinate.

it takes 500 days to to grow into small plant

No, radish seeds will not germinate in vinegar.

Absolutely! Sunlight is essential for plants to grow.there is a big difference between what a plant needs to grow and what a seed needs to germinate. most seeds require darkness to germinate, some are light inhibited and a few require light to germinate- most notable of these is lettuce.

You plant a seed, germinate it then plant it out.

If they germinate, they produce a plant.

Case they won't grow The seeds need to germinate to propagate and enhance generations for evolution and continuity of the germplasm.

all the plants' seeds would fall in one place . There would be no space for all of the seeds to germinate and grow . All of them will die in the end.

just pant them the same as you would plant any other seeds and they should germinate from about 2-3 weeks. ] just pant them the same as you would plant any other seeds and they should germinate from about 2-3 weeks. ]

from the soil when a farmer plants seeds its ideal to check on it to water it and to also plant it where they is sunlight for it to germinate and grow

Seeds need moisture to germinate, and seed packets are dry.

You can grow strawberry plants from the seed. Strawberry seeds can take up to a month to germinate. Strawberry plant are perennial so once established the com back year after year..

You don't plant seeds, you sow them! Yes, you can sow grass seeds in March but they won't germinate or grow unless the temperature is at least ten degrees centigrade/celcius.

ejaculate on them and plant them right away!

You can either buy seeds or plant a strawberry because the fruit will decayit will leave the seeds behind to then germinate

It depends on what type the plant is, The roots will start to grow just a little before the stem comes up. or The embryo or the shoot will came first then the roots.

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