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You should go in your basement or underground. If you don't have access to a basement get to a closet or bathroom in the center of you house. Stay away from windows.

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Q: Where should go during a tornado if you are in a house?
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Where is the safest place to go at your house during a tornado?

The safest place to be in your house during a tornado is in the basement.

Where is the safest place to go if there is a tornado and you are at your house?

The safest place to be in your house during a tornado is in the basement.

In a 2 story house should you go to the basement during a tornado?

Yes. The basement is the safest place to be.

Where should you go for shelter during a tornado?

Generally the basement and the bathroom are the safest places to go during a tornado.

What should you have with you during a tornado?

have your go bag with you

What can happen during a tornado?

during a tornado your house could be torn to pieces and alot could happen just make sure that you should have a place to go and that you will be safe. Trust me I am studing tis

Where should you go outside when a tornado occurs?

You should not even need to go outside during a tornado. Let's say you forgot something outside and a tornado is there. Should you go out? NO! Because it is very scary to go outside during a tornado. But you should gather your family together, and then go in a basement or closet. Try to keep safe.

Where should you go during a tornado and where should you avoid?

Areas to avoid during a tornado include:anyplace outsidenear windowsin a doorwaynear anything that can fall on youPlaces you can go during a tornado include:cellar, basementstorm cellarstorm shelter, such as in a schoolan innermost room or hallway in the center of a building

Where to go if a tornado comes?

you should go to the safest part of your house like bathroom with no windows!

What is a safe tornado house?

No house can offer 100% protection from a tornado. The best option is a house with a basement to go to in case of a tornado.

What should you do during a tornado warning?

You should go to your basement or a central room with no windows and hunch down.

Where do you hide during a tornado in a 2 story house?

You go to a room on the lowest floor, preferably in the center part of the house away from windows. If you have a basement go there.

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