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There are a number of places one could inquire about the services of a male massage therapist. A good website to use is 'Masseur Finder' where one can enter their zip code to find all male massage therapists in that area.

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Q: Where should one inquire about a male massage therapist?
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Are most men uncomfortable receiving massages?

yes and no, I myself, as a male massage therapist believe that most men are much more comfortable with receiving a massage from a female massage therapist than a male massage therapist. men seem to react to massage as an intimate situation , not many think of it as a medical option for injury or stress.

Are there any male nuru massage therapist?

Yes there is in Houston, TX

What do you call a male or female massage specialist?

A masseur is a male practicing massage. A masseuse is a female practicing massage. You might use the term RMT for a Registered Massage Therapist, being registered and licensed in the state(s) where they practice.

Do massage therapists get aroused during work?

As a male massage therapist, out of all the 1000+ people i have massage I have never been aroused because of touching a client. A real massage therapist keeps his focus on his work and not what the client looks like. But that does not mean that massage therapist don't get aroused during work, I'm pretty positive some do.

Male to male massage anyone?

Male to male massage is common and it does not have to be sensual. People can have male to male massage because of health reasons such as injury and muscle relief. In sports, sore limbs can be massaged by a team Physio.

Is it illegal to do massage therapy from home?

It depends on where you live. Private practice massage therapy is usually considered a "cottage business", practiced in one's home or the home of a client. As such, it is about as legal as teaching piano from home. Some people not familiar with the industry can be creeped out by it, especially if the massage therapist is male, so it helps to be clear that the massage is in no way sexual, ever.

What do massage therapists?

Massage therapists massage the body using a wide variety of techniques that involve light and deep pressure and sometimes energy. A standard massage includes the face, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, back, glutes, and legs. Males frequently have their chests massaged as well. Most therapists will not routinely massage the chest of a woman unless they are certified and the woman has a legitimate medical condition for which chest massage is required. A legitimate massage therapist will not go near the genitals of a male or female client.

What is the feminine form for masseur?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.The noun for a male who provides professional massages is masseur.The noun for a female who provides professional massages is masseuse.It should be noted that these terms are being replaced by the compound noun massage therapist, a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female who provides professional massages.

What is unisex massage?

The unisex massage refers to the massage offered to both the male and female clients. It may also refer to the people giving the service as being both male and female.

How do you call a lady who gives you massage?

Any person, male of female, who gives massage services or as their professions are called massage therapists.

Why male needs Prostate massage?

passing protin

Body massage done by females to male in Bangalore?