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Check on the butt and backstrap

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The serial # can be found inside on the frame and the crane when you open up the cylinder. The two numbers should be the same.

I found a Colt diamondback with that serial number made in 1971.

Found a Colt police positive special C55457 made in 1973, no serial number starting with G.

It is found under the breach below the barrel

The serial number of your 350 Turbo transmission can be found on the transmission. The transmission should have a specification tag. The tag should be on top of the transmission.

Any commercial 38 special ammo can be used in a firearm marked 38 special caliber. (Remington,Federal,CCI,Fiocchi,etc.) The Colt serial number guide that I found on the internet says Colt Detective Specials with an "M"after the serial number started with the year 1975. The gun should have a shrouded extractor rod.

The serial number for Woodcutter Simulator 2012 is used as proof of purchase. It should be found on the manual if you have a physical copy.

Typically, the serial number of any aircraft is found on the tail section, but, some aircraft have that number on the fuselage section.

i need photo editor serial number?

The serial number to a browning shotgun made in the year 1989 will have the letters PN found some where in the serial number.

the ping serial number is found on the hozzel of the club. The serial number can be verified by contacting ping direct.

name rank serial number name rank serial number

hmm... if you have found a firearm out and about then you should take it to thenearest copshop to have the serial number checked.

The serial number, for your Yamaha grizzly 700, can be found attached to the frame below the seat. The serial number is also known as vehicle identification number.

The serial number can be found on the left cover under the game disk.

The serial number is found on the under side of the gun before the forearm.

That is not the serial number. It is the Patent Number. The serial number is found below this number. The Model 37 I have has this patent number on it and the serial number is 24071. I would also like to know the manufacture date of this rifle.

I found a Colt army special with that serial number being made about 1916.Don.t know the value though it would depend on it's condition.

The serial number should be on the lower tang (metal part holding the stock to the frame). On the earlier models that should be the only place the number is found but I think it mayhave been moved to the receiver in later years. If you have two different serial numbers on a gun, it has had parts replaced.

Found a Colt diamondback with serial number D1425, 44 years old, made in 1966.( D1001 - D2599 ) Sorry, could not find P14083.

the serial number is stamped on the hosel of the driver (hard to find, but its there), the serial number for the irons set can be found on the hosel of the 6 iron.

If you have a newer macbook pro, the serial should be on a sticker on the bottom of it. This is for airdrop, so you have your own independent number. Airdrop is something that allows people to transfer other applications to you, and can be found in the finder.