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Where the name Middle Ages come from?


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the middle ages name cums from the phrase middle is the centre and the ages part cums from the ages ago phrase ha ha

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The last name Saint originated from France. This name was often used as a middle name during the Middle Ages. The meaning of Saint is holy.

Crusades is the name for the holy wars during the Middle Ages.

The Middle Ages got it's name because it was in the middle of the other past ages. Yes, I know it's common sence but it's in fact, true.

To identify individuals by their name or their status.

The name "Ballinger" comes from a word for a type of small ship. These ships were used in the late Middle Ages.

Though the Middle Ages have many names, the most common names are Medieval (sometimes spelt Mediaeval) and simply the Middle ages.

No. Londinium was the Roman name but by the Middle Ages it was called London.

The dark ages or medieval times

Most historians date the Middle Ages from 476 to 1453. The 14th century was from 1301 to 1400, so it was clearly entirely within the Middle Ages, and part of the Middle Ages happened after the 14th century.

It was given the name middle ages because it was the years between prehistoric times and modern times.

The glockenspiel was invented in Germany in the Middle Ages.

Constantinople, Stamboul, Islambol; It often depended on what time of the Middle Ages and what language you spoke.

The name Archibald is derived from German and French. During the Middle Ages, it was brought to Scotland by the Normans. It means genuine, bold and brave.

Feudalism was the dominant political system during the middle ages.

There was no explorers in the middle ages. When exploration started that is when the middle ages ended.

Brian is related to the Old Celtic words for "hill" and "high, noble." It is a common name in Ireland, and came to England during the Middle Ages.

The third period of the Middle Ages was the Late Middle Ages. The first is called the Early Middle Ages or the Dark Age. The second period was the High Middle Ages.

Medieval times, the Renaissance.

middle ages or the medieval period

The middle ages are not called the medieval ages. The word medieval is an adjective that means "related to the middle ages." Sometimes we used "medieval period" as the same as "middle ages."

A monk from the middle ages

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