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Where there any women in the military in World War I and 2?


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Yes, there were women in World War 1 and 2. The women had to work on farms and grow food for the men

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No women was reported to have served in any army in WW2. However, the military death toll is about 25 Million.

Yes, there were also World War 1 military aircraft as well. World War 1 was the first war that aircraft had ever entered.

around 18.2 Million people served in the German Military during World War 2.

On of the famous women of world war two was the lady on the poster named rosie. She was the one who encouraged men and women to join the force.

They called the women in the Armed Forces by their rank. Any women not serving in the war were called civilians.

Yes many Women fought in world war 2.

world war 2 was the deadliest war because there was more destruction,civilian casualties,and military casualties than any war.

As far as I know there weren't any. The Russians had women in combat roles, but I do not think the US did. Sorry, there were women in the US military, but not in combat roles is what I was trying to say....

Women were nurses in World War I there werent any Women soldiers in World War I and few women leaders.they did the mens work. some of them went to work in factory's to produce weapon's, some of them made clothes, also some of them went to war as paramedics or amblaunce drivers.

Women supported the war effort in any way they could. Women sold war bonds, conserved food, and sent packages to the troops and to those in Europe who were suffering during the war.

Women cannot be any any actual combat job in the military

In the Army, women do as much as men. Acutually that is not true women can't join any elite combat groups in the military such as navy seals..

No because it was a military town and had a military cemetery. All the evacuees were sent to locations that did not have any military presence or manufacturing.

Aircraft in a military role, tanks. Any number of things.

World war 1 and he served for Austria-Hungary

they should be aloud. did you know that stacistics say, that if there wasn't any women in the military then we would probably not be alive. well i don't think they should be aloud if they have kids. children need their mothers and they can't have them if they are at war.

Yes, of course women helped out greatly during the war. They could not yet serve in the military, but millions went out on the front as nurses, and those who stayed at home raised money and rationed food and goods for the war effort. <><><> Actually, women served as part of the US military beginning in 1942- and in the British military even earlier. While they did not serve in a direct combat role, their work as everything from mechanics to drivers to clerks to transport pilots freed thousands of men for combat duties. Back home, women worked in war production plants making everything from airplanes to ammunition. These women were memorialized as "Rosie the Riveter".

Women were not drafted into service because of WWII in any country. They could apply for any war-time job they wanted as long as they had whatever skills were required for it.

Duties of women in the armed services where intelligence officers, cryptanalysts, drivers, typists, cooks, wireless telegraphists, aircraft ground staff and any other positions that where military based they would do all the mens jobs

Only the communist nations (officially) used women as military snipers during WWII. The Soviet Union being one of the heavier users of females within their military system.

No - Australians have only had women in combat for the last 5 to 10 years.

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