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Where to catch makuhita in Pokemon Diamond?

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You can catch makuhita in the fighting area in Pokemon diamond

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He is in the fighting area (I was told). Possibly he is on the island on route 230. Hope this helps!

You can catch Makuhita in Pokemon Omega Ruby when it is still down, right before it rises to its feet.

Makuhita evolves at lv.24 or lv.25

To get Makuhita in Pokemon Diamond you first need the National Pokedex. After getting the National Pokedex talk to your rival's sister in Sandgem Town. She will let you know what Pokemon swarm is active for the day. Check with her everyday until she says Makuhita are active on route 225. Now simply go to Route 225 and catch yourself one.

There is no way to catch Hariyama on diamond. You can transfer one through Pal Park from Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. Or you can catch a Makuhita in one of the swarms and evolve it. Hope this helps!

wat do you mean "how do you catch diamond Pokemon"?you catch Pokemon with pokeballs

you get a poke ball and use it ._.

You cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Diamond.

You cannot catch Palkia in Pokemon Diamond

yes, you can catch Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

neither of them is better, they are both the same, but in diamond, you catch dialga, and in pearl, you catch palkia, and you can catch different Pokemon in each game for example: you can catch this Pokemon in diamond, but not pearl but: you can catch this different Pokemon in pearl, but not diamond

Makuhita is a Fighting type pokemon.

Its in almost every cave using the Hoenn Sound.

You cannot catch Palkia on Pokemon Diamond and you cannot catch Dialga on Pokemon Pearl.

How do you get a cherrim in Pokemon diamond.

No; the only way to get a Makuhita on Pokèmon Black or White is by using PokèTransfer (loacted west of Black City or White Forest)

Makuhita is in the National Pokedex, so you have to beat the Elite Four and Champion first. Then, there will usually be a mass outbreak of them on Route 225.

You catch him in Pokemon RUBY migrate it and get it in diamond.

ucant catch misdreavus in diamond

You cannot catch a Metang in Pokemon Diamond. To get one, you can evolve a Beldum.

You can't catch a Lugia anywhere in Pokemon Diamond.

Nosepass is a swarm Pokemon on Pokemon diamond

you can catch a pikachu in the Pokemon mansion.

battle and catch Pokemon

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