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Keep looking - you'll find him one day. Keep and eye out on the LEGO message board for future events where he might come.

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Q: Where to find Sensei Wu on Lego universe?
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Where is sensei Wu on Lego universe?

in the ninjago monastery? :L

When sensei Wu birthday at Lego Ninjago?

10 of augst

Does zane from Ninjago betray sensei Wu?

No because Sensei wu helps him find out about his past

Who is Sensei Wu?

Sensei Wu is the sensei of the four ninjas from the Ninjago theme.He also has a brother named Garmadon and there father created Spinjitzu.

How old is Sensei Wu?

he is 100 years old.

How do you get to the nunchucks of lightning on Lego universe at the Ninjago monastry?

if u want the nunchucks of lightning first u have to defeat senis wu ok

What are the names of the characters in the cartoon network series Lego Ninjago masters of spinjitzu?

White Ninja: Zane Blue: Jay Red: Kai Black: Cole Green: Lloyd Sensei Wu

How old is sensei Wu in ninjago?

he is 120 years old

Who does Sensei Wu trust to hide the map in ninjago?


Is pythor from ninjago dead?

I doubt it since sensei wu survived.

What is the red Lego ninjas name?

Red Ninja = Kai Blue Ninja = Jay Black Ninja = Cole White Ninja = Zane Ninja of Strength = Sensei Wu Ninja of Evil / Darkness = Lord Garmadon Secret Samuri = Nya

What Lego Ninjago set has the golden sword?

It's in a coming soon set that has the golden sword. It also comes with Kai's Dragon and Samukai. It also comes with Sensei Wu, golden nunchucks, golden shurikens and the golden sythe.