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If your check engine light came on you can go to AutoZone, Pep Boys, OReilys or any such auto parts place if you know how to fix the problem yourself. If not them you will want to look into local Auto repair shops.

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2013-02-11 00:00:21
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Q: Where to find auto repair shop in Cincinnati to fix engine light?
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What is causing the TCS light and Check Engine light to come on?

Have vehicle scanned at either auto parts store or reliable repair shop

How do you reset service engine light on 2012 jetta?

Have vehicle scanned at auto parts store to determine problem and repair

What do you learn in auto repair courses?

In auto repair courses you can learn everything from the basic oil change to how to install a new engine in a car.

Your check engine light wont go out?

Auto Zone will check your engine light codes for FREE...

Service engine soon sensory code number is P0135?

I took my 2000 galant to auto zone to find out why my service engine soon light won't go off, and they testing and said it was a sensory problem and said when I take it to an auto repair tell them it was a P0135.

Where in Cincinnati can I find a shop that specializes in exhaust repair?

There are a few places you can try to get exhaust repair in Cincinnati. Among them are the Meineke Car Care Center, the Same Smyth Imported Car Service and the Withers Import and Domestic Auto Repairs.

How do you reset the Check Engine Warning Light on a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero?

HeyKen==You need to repair what turned it on in the first place then have auto zone remove the trouble codes. GoodluckJoe

Engine repair manual for 2005 Nissan altima?

You can get Auto repair /service manuals online here:

What causes Camry engine jerks shudders hesistations and how to troubleshoot repair?

If the check engine light has come on you need to read the code(s) that have been set in order to make repairs. Your local auto parts store can do this for you. If no check engine light has come on, it may be time for a complete tune up.

2000 expedition check engine light?

Auto Zone will check your engine light for free... Write down the codes and go from there.

How do you install auto light spark plug?

You simply turn them into the engine

What auto repair companies are located in Houston?

There is a vast selection of auto repair companies located in Houston. Some of the auto repair companies that come to mind are Midtown Auto Service and Repair, Fiesta Auto Center and Auto Care Unlimited.

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