Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Where to find mystic ticket in Pokemon LeafGreen?


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Nowhere you must use action replay or GameShark to obtain that item.

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Navel rock to get there you need a mystic ticket. Also you can trade the lugia from Pokemon xd gale of darkness to leafgreen.

Its only obtainable from a Nintendo event which has long since passed.

Do not cheat just find a friend with the mystic ticket and a mystery gift and bam you get mystic ticket

you should have the mystery gift and mystic ticket to get access to the island's 8 and 9, you will find a lot of rare Pokemon there

use the mystery box if you have it and then you'll have the ticket

first of all it doesnt get a mystic ticket. second of all it is mystery gift and third you have to go to a pokemart and find the questionare next to the counter and enter "link together with all. :)

You need to beat the pokemon luge,broks city,mystic ticket

You half to go to a Nintendo event or use a cheat device.

ther's a Pokemon sleeping in moneon chamber it's a (?)me too i can't find it can some one help me?

You can find it at the six island after you get a rainbow ticket from Celio when you give him the ruby from mt.ember when you catch 60 or more pokemon.

No, you cannot find cyndaquil in LeafGreen.

Piplup does not exist in Pokemon LeafGreen or FireRed.

You would need the mystic ticket to go to navel rock. or trade or cheats. And it's Lugia btw

The Aurora Ticket was only obtainable if you went to some Nintendo event several years ago; sorry, no longer possible. :(

trade a Pokemon from emerald with the HM dive into leafgreen

you have to get the aurora ticket and search in any grass on island 9 (where you find deoxys) it takes a while but it is there

LeafGreen version does not have Growlithe.

to get Ho-ho you need the mystic ticket and go to navel rock turn left go up and there you go.

You cannot catch houndour in Pokemon leafgreen either get one from Pokemon emerald or Pokemon colosseum.

That item doesn't exist in leafgreen.

At Navel Rock, and you get there by using a mystic ticket you can get one by using a gameshark or action replay or nintendo event or a cheat.

Many such tickets are event-only and the events have passed.

you cannot get the regi's in Pokemon leafgreen unless you trade them from Pokemon ruby,sapphire,or emerald

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