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If you download a 3DS game or DSi Ware (not DLC) from the Nintendo eShop, the game will appear on the home menu for the 3DS XL.

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Q: Where to find the games you've downloaded from Nintendo 3DS XL?
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Where do you find downloaded games on a Nintendo DSi XL?

When you've downloaded a game, they appear as a wrapped gift box on your main menu screen. Touch them to open them and they will turn into the game icon.

Where can I find more information about Nintendo 3DS games?

You can find more information about Nintendo 3DS games by visiting Nintendo's website. There is also some useful information and customer reviews of these games on Amazon's website.

Where can one buy Nintendo 64 video games?

eBay is the best place to find games for the Nintendo 64.

Where can one find a comprehensive list of games for the Nintendo DS?

The Nintendo website has a list of all of the current games put out for the Nintendo DS. There is also a comprehensive list on the Wikipedia page "List of Nintendo DS games."

Does the Nintendo DSi games work on Nintendo 3ds?

Yes. I have read about it on Nintendo's website, but you can find out more on March 27.

Building games that don't have to be downloaded and I can not find any exept ROBLOX?

There are no building games like Roblox that do not have to be downloaded. The only game remotely like Roblox that does not have to be downloaded is Minecraft. However, Minecraft costs $15.

Where can you find the Nintendo ds game nintencats?

at a games shop

Where do you find people who repair Nintendo Wii's Drive for a cheaper price than Nintendo does?

at eb games

Where can one find Nintendo DS cheats?

There are many places where one can find Nintendo DS cheats. One can find Nintendo DS cheats at popular on the web sources such as My Cheats and Games Radar.

How do you get Netflix on a Nintendo 3ds?

The 3DS' Netflix application can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. Netflix will usually be under a category labelled "Apps," but if you have trouble finding it, you can also use the search bar to find it.

WHERE CAN You find webkinz games for ds?

There is no Webkinz Nintendo DS game.

Where can you get a Kingdom Hearts Nintendo DSi?

you can find it in (australia?) EB Games

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