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Where to find the marking map after all 8 gyms in diamond?


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You can get it from the PokeTech App place in Jubilife City.

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you need to beat all 8 gyms and have all 8 gyms get the national dex and migrate it but you need emerald

you get it from the poketch place first you get all the other stuff

First of all, you catch Mespirit with the marking map not Alzef. And second, Cressila is the other Pokemon you catch with the marking map.

you have to beat all the gyms before the harthom one

u find them in towns, just serch in towns and you will find them

The gyms are in the eight cities as follows: Oreburgh City Eterna City Pastoria City Veilstone City Hearthome City Canalave City Snowpoint City ~Lucario

the legendaries can be found when you defeated all gyms

I had a hard time on this one. First you have to beat all the gyms you can and the Team Galitic HQs. after that I think she should be there. Correct me if I'm wrong. It was a long time since I beat her.

you beat all of the gyms that you havnt beaten yet, coincidence that im currently playing diamond!!!

you can find it in map 8 after defeating all gyms,elite 4 and the dojos a

You can find it in Cerulean Cave, which is open only after you beat all 16 Gyms.

no but you still have all of the gyms contest battles wernt thought off till diamond and pearl

After defeating all 8 kanto gyms, go in the cerulean cave. Search everywhere and you will find it.

Cinnabar island but you have to compleate all 7 gyms of kunto

you must beet all the gyms all the elite four and all the champions then you can find it in the ground map

you must beet all the gyms and all the elite four and all the champions and you can find it in the psychic map

get an action replay and find a cheat that lets u find all the Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

Nearly all gyms offer pilates classes. To find out if your gym offers them you can call, check their website or go and talk to the front desk associate.

you have to catch all of the pokemon in diamond or SEE all of the pokemon

If you cant find it you probably haven't beaten all the gyms

After you beat all gyms and get 16 badges you can get it outside the powerstation which is on route 10

You Have To Beat All Of The Gyms, Elite Fours And the Champions. But Its Complicated To Find Legendaries.

Finish all the gyms, beat victory road, and then you are there, you will need waterfall, rock climb, defog, surf, and strength.

y could find them all over pokemon diamond,and pearl.

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