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Where to find us visa number?

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It should be on the Visa Card, but if the card is not your's you have no business with it.

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How do you find your visa number?

look on your visa card

How do you fiind your L1 visa number on a US Visa?

The L1 Visa number is located on the visa page that is usually stamped in the passport. The visa number may appear under control number on the visa page itself.

Where is visa number on uae visa?

It can be find in the entry permit.

How do you find your Canada visa number?

The Canadian Visa number is in the top right corner of the visa. You can locate this number easily as it is directly under the document number.

Where can someone find information on a US Immigration Visa?

One can find information on a United States immigration visa at the website "ssa". The website offers all the information needed to receive a US visa.

Where to find DHS A number on the USA visa sticker?

If you have a B1/B2 category visa then u don't have any "A" number. --MB

How can a person find out their visa card number?

The visa card number is the 16 digit number running across the middle of your card (4 groups of 4 digits). You may also find the number on your statement.

How do you find the details of UK visa registration Number?

SS96220940009224800168VS can u check its valid my visa registration no.?

How do you find your B1 visa number?

Bottom right of the visa -- should be eight numbers in a bunch 12345678

Where can you find the UK visa reference number in your passport?

The UK visa reference number should be contained within your stamp. Every time you have visited the UK, you will have received a stamp. If you had used a visa, there will be a reference number within that stamp.

You are in us on td visa that is spouse of a tn holder for the past ten years you are a canadaian citizencan you get a work visa to work in us?

You would be able to apply for a work visa to the US. You will most likely need to find a job first, and have your employer file for you to get an H1B work visa.

How long are visas for the US?

There are a number of visa to the US which depends on the applicant's category. Based on that, the duration of each visa varies. Maximum time allowed on a visa is 6 months. Extensions can be obtained if they are for genuine reasons.

Where do you find your UK entry clearance visa reference number?

That's the VAF ref no. on your entry clearence visa. It is located directly under the visa expiry date

Where is your visa number on your visa?

on the front of the visa card

What is a visa number on student visa?

A Visa number on any type of visa is like a serial number or control number used usually for security purposes or tracking purposes.

Can you get visa to US if your brother is a US citizen?

Yes. You can apply for a US F4 visa ( Family Preference Visas), which is immigration status. To do this, your brother must first file a petition to the USCIS. If the organization approves the petition, you can apply for this visa at your country's embassy. Just note that a limited number of F4 visas are issued per year. So processing time may be a bit long.I recommend visiting the Visa Library website for more information. On this website, you can find a complete guide on the US F4 visa application process.I appreciate if you please like my comment if it was useful to you.

Is a visa needed from the US to Spain?

yes you need a visa to leave the us yes you need a visa to leave the us

How do you find your US Visa number - not the Visa Credit Card number?

If you mean a non-immigrant visa such as a B1, B2, F1, H1B, then it's on the visa itself. The visa would be the nice-looking laminated sticker (the new ones, at least) on your passport, and the number would be a long number on the top of the visa. If you lost it, there's going to be some minor problems obtaining the number, but you would have to contac the Dept. of State or the consular section where you obtained the visa. If you're talking about an immigrant visa, an A-number may or may not be assigned to you if you're still waiting for the petition to be approved. Generally, this would not be termed a "visa number". Check out any I-797 Notice of Action mailed by USCIS. The 9 digit number (sometimes 8 digits since the first number is assumed to be 0) would be above the beneficiary name (A xxx xxx xxx). If the number's not there, then there's none assigned. Depending on why you need the "visa number", you can use the receipt number as proof that there's a pending petition (the receipt number is 13 characters long and starts with three letters like EAC, WAC, or MSC). For Non-Immigrant Visa, Visa number is the RED Number on the Visa itself. This answer is from USCIS.It is the RED number - check out this CIS Form that advises under Visa # "(not the control number that begins with a year)"Please refer to the related link for more information.

Where is your visa number on your Australian visa?

The visa number is listed in the top right and left hand corners.

What type of identification is needed to fly outside the US?

First you would have to have a passport. Second, you will have to find out if you need to have a visa for the country that you will be visiting. To find out if you need a visa please visitwww.travisa.com this site will give you the information you will need to apply for the visa. Also it will have a list of which countries will need to have a visa for entry.

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