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naga is out. you probably can find one at Walmart or target. naga infused with the silent core is not out.

If you're lucky you can, but they sell out quickly in the stores. You might have better luck finding one online.

Hey if you get the limited edition Bakugan battle brawlers for DS then you gat a Naga bakugan plus its different to normal Naga's because its got no type and its 650 GS

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Why do they have a naga gate card and no naga bakugan?

There IS a naga bakugan,but VERY rare.

Most valuable Bakugan?

naga naga

Is bakugan naga in bakugan series 3?


How do you get naga in the bakugan game?

you can not get him

How do you get a naga Bakugan in the Bakugan game for the wii?

u cant.duh

What is the srongest Bakugan?

Naga 1,500gs.

Which is the most powerful bakugan?

It is Naga.

What type of Bakugan is Naga?


How do you get naga on ds bakugan?

You can't.

In Bakugan battle brawlers what is the ultimate Bakugan?

i guess it's naga

What bakugan look like naga?

The Haos dragonoid looks like naga

How is the best Bakugan?

naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs naga with 700 gs

How many Gs does naga bakugan have?

The original naga has 650G (white naga) the strongest 660G (i have it) the weakest 450G

Who is the most dangerous villain in Bakugan is it Naga or Helios?

Naga because he is really ugly

What is the best Bakugan is it nauga?

it is not nauga its naga and no the best bakugan are infinity gs

Is there a 820 g-powered Bakugan?

Yes there is! I have a ventus kind uf bakugan that has more than 820g's and is probofally way stronger the naga bakugan. I didn't even know that there was a bakugan stronger than naga.

Where can you buy naga?

wherever they sell bakugan.

Is Naga from Bakugan a Dragoniod?

no but he is a white one

Where can you find pictures of bakugan naga?

Google! ^-^

How do you get naga in bakugan the video game?

you cant

How do you get naga in Bakugan ds?

you can't! ok.

How do you get naga on bakugan battle brawlers wii?

you cant get naga unless you hack the game alot

Who is Diego Baumann?

the best bakugan brawler in the world with the only naga bakugan with 1000g's

Can you get a Silent Naga in Bakugan ds?

No you can't. Its ashame....

Bakugan naga toy?

Yes, you can get them in lot's of starter's and booster's. If you don't want to buy a booster or starter pack you can buy the bakugan naga toy seperately online.