Pokemon Silver Gold and Crystal

Where to get a Pokemon Silver?


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Pokemon can be found all over


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No but you can Transfer Pokemon from Soul-Silver to Pokemon Black.

there is 251 Pokemon in silver

Pokemon cannot learn Yawn in Pokemon Silver.

You Cannot get Mew in Pokemon silver.

you can get celebi from a Pokemon silver event

its the silver apercorn in Pokemon silver and its the gold apercorn in Pokemon gold

How do you get to goldenrod city in pokemon silver?

You can't find Mew in Pokemon Silver.

there isn't venasaur in Pokemon silver you have to trade it

Pokemon in Pokemon Silver can only be traded to other copies of Silver, or Pokemon Gold, or Pokemon Crystal.

Soul Silver will, but the original GBC Silver cannot.

sorry! but there is no dusk stone in Pokemon silver.:( but there is one in soul silver!

you can't get skorupi on Pokemon silver, but in soul silver he is in the safari zone

There are 100 new pokemon in pokemon silver that weren't in blue and red. Although,the original pokemon are still in silver, bringing the total amount of available pokemon in your pokedex up to 251. So, you can catch 251 pokemon in the silver version for gameboy.

You cannot catch Teddiursa in Pokemon Silver.

there is not a secretpotion in Pokemon silver Daniel robertson

The Pokeathlon isn't in Pokemon Silver version.

You can't get Omanyte in-game in Pokemon Silver.

no. deoxys is the 386th pokemon. in silver there are only 251.

The old Pokemon silver probably cost $10 and Pokemon Soul Silver the new one cost $40.00.

no there wont be but there will be Pokemon that you couldn't get in silver and gold and but no new Pokemon

Pokemon silver is more rare than gold but Pokemon crystal is more rare than Pokemon silver or any other Pokemon game.

No you can't catch Mewtwo in Pokemon silver, you must trade it from Pokemon yellow.

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