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In the Aqua Hideout.

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Q: Where to get a master ball in Pokemon sapphire?
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How do you get a master ball in Pokemon Sapphire?

Right of Lilicove

How do you get a master ball in Pokemon sapphire after beating eilite four?

you can get a master ball by winning the lottery in lilycove

Where can you buy a master ball on Pokemon sapphire?

Master balls cannot be bought in any Pokemon game.

Pokemon sapphire how to get a master ball?

A Master Ball is a Pokeball with a one hundred percent capture rate. In Pokemon Sapphire, the player is given a Master Ball after defeating Team Aqua. It is one of the four Pokeballs seen on the floor of their hideout.

Do you have to weaken legendary Pokemon before capturing them with a master ball in Pokemon sapphire?

no the master ball works strait away without doing anything to the Pokemon

How do you get infinite master ball on Pokemon Sapphire?

Your only chance of getting tons of Master Balls on Pokemon Sapphire is if you keep winning the Lottery Ticket in Lilycove.

How can you easily catch Rayquaza in Pokemon sapphire?

throw a master ball

Once the master ball has been used can you get another in Pokemon sapphire?

there's only one but you can trad a Pokemon holding a master ball from another game

How many master balls are in Pokemon sapphire?

there are 2 master ball s and a master ball is rare you can only use it for kyogre requaza groudon salmence fly gon and the rest of the strongest Pokemon a master ball always captures a Pokemon no Pokemon can break out its in possible

Where is a master ball in Pokemon sapphire?

Somewhere in the aqua hideout (you have to be in lilycove city)

When do you get the master ball on Pokemon sapphire?

team aqua hideout at lilycove city

How do you get two master ball in Pokemon sapphire?

You can win master ball's at the lilycove dept store from the lottery.

How do you make a poke ball work like a master ball in Pokemon sapphire?

Hacking or luck. You pick.

Where do you get legendary Pokรฉmon in Pokรฉmon Sapphire?

In order to catch your legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire, save your master ball For can catch KYogre/Groudon/both with either an Ultra Ball or Timer Ball.

How do you get the master ball in Pokemon Sapphire?

you go to team aqua's hideout. in a lake out of lilycove.

Where do you get the master ball on Pokemon sapphire?

at aqua's hideout and at the lottery corner if the nubers match

Where is the Master Ball in Pokemon Sapphire?

back in your house you can only get it in the first hour of playing

Where can you find master ball at Pokemon sapphire?

in team aqua's hideout in lilycove city

How do you buy master ball in Pokemon sapphire without cheat?

That you cant do sorry :P

Where do you get Jirachi and how do you capture him the easy way in Pokemon Sapphire?

GO TO THE MOON AND USE A MASTER BALL ON IT. Go to the moon and use a master ball on it and save the game.

Master ball in pokemon sapphire?

The Master Ball is in Team Aqua's base. It is one of the Pokeballs in the group of four. The other three are either Voltorb or Electrode.

Where do you get a Master Ball on Pokemon Sapphire?

Pokemon Lottery in Lilycove Dept. store, team magma/team aqua hideout.

How do you get more masterballs in Pokemon Sapphire?

There are 2 ways to do this. They are both cheats. You can either use an Action Replay and select 999 Master Balls or you can give a Master Ball to a Pokemon then breed it. And when the egg hatches the baby will be holding a Master Ball.

How do you clone Master balls in Pokemon sapphire?

Let a Pokemon hold a master ball then clone that Pokemon and that cloned Pokemon will be there with a cloned Masterball. Note: Works with any item. Do not know how to clone Pokemon. Do you know?

What is the greatest pokeball to catch latias in Pokemon sapphire?

NONE!! Except for the master ball. i have heard that luxury ball can also be used like a master ball on latias comment but i have wobbufet as my first pokemon,then i found a latias,then i caught it with two ultra ball...