Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Where to get a masterball?

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Professor Elm will give you one after you've defeated all the johto gym leaders, and if you win first prize in the goldenrod lottery corner they will give you a master ball.

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Where is a second masterball?

There is no second masterball, the only way to get a second masterball is to trade with a friend.

If you catch a Pokemon with a masterball can you switch the masterball into a pokeball?


What is the cheat to get more than one masterball?

In Fire Red Version How do I get a second masterball or change aUlltraball into a masterball

Pokemon FireRed second masterball?

there is only one masterball

How do you get many masterball no cheat?

at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball at Emerald: Lilycove city, u can win a masterball

Where is the masterball on Pokemon Platinum?

You get a masterball after you beat Cyrus in the galactic HQ

Masterball cheat for Pokemon Emerald?

how to cheat Pokemon emerald masterball with password

Where do you get the masterball in Pokemon Sapphire?

you get the masterball somewhere in team aqua's hide out in lilycove city. You can find the masterball in the sapphire version in the Aqua's team hideout. If you win the Pokemon lottery, you can find the masterball in Lilly Cove City.

How can you get a Masterball in Pokemon Emrald?

this is a really long way to get more than one masterballhave 2 Pokemon games (one of them should have access to a masterball some time in the game)give a masterball to a Pokemon you want to send to the other gamesend the Pokemon that's holding the masterball to the other gameso you should have one game with a masterball and a game without onerestart the game that doesn't have the masterballget up to when you get a masterball and trade again so you have 2 masterballs etc.HOPE THIS HELPS AND SORRY IT WILL TAKE SO LONG

What is the strongest pokeball?

the strongest pokeball is the masterball. the masterball can catch any Pokemon out of the 493. it doesnt matter what kind of Pokemon it is, the masterball can catch any Pokemon.

Where do you get another Masterball in Pokemon special Pikachu version?

There is only one masterball in yellow.

How do I get the masterball in Pokemon FireRed?

defeat all rockets and giovani then a man will ive you a masterball

How do you catch Mewtwo without masterball?

you cant unless you can hack the game to get unlimited masterball

Where do you get the masterball in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Help silph co then talk to the president he gives the masterball to you.

What is stronger a ultraball or a masterball?

a masterball it can catch any Pokemon in the world in one throw

Can you get another masterball?


Where can you get masterball?

You have to make it

How do you get the masterball in Pokemon SoulSilver?

after you beat Clair elm wiil call u and will give you the masterball

Where do you find masterball in ruby version?

The MasterBall is located in Team Magma's base in Lilycove City.

Is it possible to catch kiogre without masterball?

Yeah it is possible to catch kyogre with out wasting your masterball you wont have to use it until you see latias and latias requires you to use your masterball.

How do you catch kyogre with masterball?

as soon as you start to battle kyogre throw a masterball at it And you've got kyogre. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. don't HAVE to use a masterball, I caught one with ultra.:D

What if there is no masterball at team auqas hideoutwhere can you get one?

If you ceased to get a Masterball when you had it unlocked, the only way to a second is with a Game Shark, Action Replay, trade a Pokemon holding a Masterball, or go to Lilycove into the mart and talk to the counter lady on the right. If you get five matches, they will reward you with a Masterball.

How do you get the masterball in HeartGold?

get all the johto badges and go to prof elms lab talk to him and he will give you the masterball.

How many masterballs can you get in Pokemon White?

1 Masterball, unless you recieve a traded pokemon which is holding a Masterball

Where to by a master ball from?

you can't bye it you only get one masterball in one long game if you want a masterball you'll have to bye an r4 chip and download Pokemon the use cheat to get 999 masterball