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Text files and binary files are considered to be WHAT files?

different files

How the types of files used to store text sound pictures and video are stored in a computers memory?

the text files store in the document files the sound files store in the document files the pictures files store in the document files the video files store in the document files

How do you convert avi files back to video files?

avi files are actually already video files.

What is the collective noun for files?

There is no standard collective noun for the noun 'files', in which case any noun that suits the context of the situation can be used, such as a pack of files, a stack of files, a drawer of files, etc.

What are the four types of files according to function?

1) Document files 2) Worksheet files 3) Database files 4) Presentation files

Does linkes combines library files with SOURCE FILE?

No. Linkers combine object files and library files, which are collections of object files. All source files need to be compiled to object files.

Are JPEG files bigger than bitmap files?

Jpeg files are smaller than bitmap files, though bitmap files are much better quality.

What are the basic types of files in Linux?

There are 3 types of files:Ordinary files- it contains only data as a stream of characters.Directory files- it contains name of files and the number associated with them.Device files- All devices and peripherals are represented by files.

How many files are there in Animal Crossing City Folk?

There are four files. You can also delete files. Choose your files wisely.

How do you open BC files?

BC files are incomplete torrent transfer files

What kind of files are essential files necessary for running windows?

system files.

What is the duration of AUDIO-FILES?

The duration of AUDIO-FILES is 1800.0 seconds.

What is the duration of S-Files?

The duration of S-Files is 2 hours.

What is the duration of The X-Files?

The duration of The X-Files is 2640.0 seconds.

How do you convert mp3 files into mpeg4 files for files such as films?

mp3 files are usually audio files which means they can not be converted into videos. LOL. Films do not come in mp3 formats.

How do you open rbf-files?


How do you spell files?

Files is correct.

How do you spell files in German?

files as a verb is "die Ablage"Paper files are "die Akten"Computer files are "die Dateien"

Why is it illegal to download files from the internet?

You may download files with a Public release license, files you have paid for, your own files and files explicitally allowed to be downloaded. To download any other files will be considered intellectual property piracy.

What is the collective noun of files is it pack?

There is no standard collective noun for the noun 'files', in which case any noun that suits the context of the situation can be used, such as a pack of files, or a stack of files and a drawer of files.

What are the different types of physical files in the Oracle 9i?

* Database datafiles - contain the data itself * Control files - binary files containing information about the database (name, files, backup...) * Online redo logs - files, which record every transaction in the database * Parameter files - database parameter file * Other database related files - password files, alert log, trace files...

What does 'compress old files mean'?

Compress old files means that some files the windows system thinks you havnt accessed for a while (such as files in 'program files' or 'WINDOWS') gets compressed. this will not move the files to a 'zip' or '7zip' files. itll just be compressed in the folder it was in!!!!!!

Files written to a disk in noncontiguous clusters are called files?

They are called FRAGMENTED files

What is the difference between files and folders?

* Folders are where "files" are kept. * Files are saved to "folders".

What types of graphics optimize jpg files?

Vector files optimize jpg files.