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Where to get magmorizer in Pokemon platinum?

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check by the wind works were the water is your gonna need surf for this and you'll find it

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you find the magamarizer on route 214. it is not long away from the ruin maniacs cave

In Pokemon Platinum a Magmarizer can be found on Route 214. Wild Magmar also have a small chance of holding a Magmarizer. Wild Magmar can be found at the Fuego Ironworks.

well you cant get a magmartor in Pokemon leaf or fire , but you can get it in pearl,diamond,and platinum by getting a magmar and trading it holding a magmorizer.

The magmorizer is on Cinnabar Island. You must defeat Blue first before being able to get to the top. Professor Oak will give you HM Rock Climb to get up to the top of Cinnabar, where somewhere on that island is the magmorizer.

you go to veilstone city and go south on to route 214 ,then find 2 rocks use rock smash press a on the poke ball and there should be a magmorizer :) that's where i found it :)

To get it, you have to catch a Magby in the wild. You can catch it in Route 229 or in Stark Mountain by inserting a Leafgreen version into your gameboy. Magby has a magmorizer 50% of the time in Pokemon Pearl, and 5% of the time in Diamond.

Magmar does not evolve at any specific level. Magmar evolves when traded with a magmorizer. Magmar will evolve into a Magmortar if you trade it to someone else while it's holding a magmorizer.

what you have to do is migrate from emerald or you have a 5% chance of getting one while catching poliwhorl

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