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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Where to get steel arows for link in a past super Nintendo?


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You get the silver arrows in the dark world. Look for a cracked wall on the pyramid castle.

You need to go to the dark world version of link's house, where a bomb maker lives. He will eventually have big bombs for sale, and you can only buy one at a time. The bomb will follow you around.

Bring it right up against to the big crack in the wall, and start the timer by dashing away. When it blows up, a hole in the wall will lead to a well, where you can throw things in.

Throw the bow in to get the silver arrows. If you still have the blue boomerang you can throw that in to get a red one, which flys faster and farther. Throwing in an empty bottle will give you a free green potion, too.

Be careful when the bomb is following you, as several things will cause it to stop moving and begin to count down. Jumping off of walls/platforms, dashing, or picking things up will all start the timer. If this happens, go back to the bomb and touch it to make it follow you again. It's not so bad if you just had to pick something up real quick, but it can really mess you up if you jump down a hill, so avoid that at all costs.


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