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Where to get the hm rock climb on Pokemon soul silver?


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In Pokémon SoulSIlver, Professor Oak will give you the Rock Climb HM after you defeat Blue, the Viridian City Gym Leader.

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have a Pokemon who knows rock climb and rock smash

You get rock climb frem professer oak after you have 16 gym badges.

Professor Oak gives you it after you get 16 badges

After obtaining all of the kanto and johto badges visit professer Oak and he will give you the HM rock climb.

every where in the jonto region but rock climb is in the kanto region

After you get the 16 badges talk to Pr. Oak at Pallet Town

if you want it from soul silver or heart gold you get it professor chen in kanto

You can now rock climb and do a whole lot more

you can get rock climb from beating blue i think.

you can find it in cerulean cave in the northeast corner of b1fyou to have a pokemon that knows rock climb

Hes on top of the cave just west of the Pokemon league gotta have strenght rock smash and rock climb

You mean Rock Climb. Rock Climb was an HM in DPPt, but now it's not, so the only way Pokemon can learn it is by trading one over or by level.

Talk to Professor Oak after obtaining all 16 badges.

You must get the rock climb HM from professor oak after you beat blue.

defeat Kanto's 8th gym. then go to pallet town and meet prof. oak, talk to him and he'll give you rock climb

after you defeat the Pokemon league go to professor oaks lab in pallet town talk to him then you will receive the hm rock climb

You have to beat all 16 gym leaders to get rock climb I believe.

The only way you will be able to get rock climb is when you get all 16 badges.

After you beat all 16 gyms and get Rock Climb go back to cinnebar and climb up on the rubble. The magmarizer is up there.

First you have had to go to cinnabar island and then youget all the badges go to Oak and his pesent he gives you is rock climb. HOPE IT HELPED :D

Red is at the top of Mount Silver, you need to use the HM Rock Climb to get all the way up to him.

In the Cerulean Cave, you can find it on BF1 in the north-east corner. You will need Rock Climb.

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