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well if you want my answer well i would say get 999 of them by action replay but otherwise you just have to find it on your adventure! :)

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Where on Pokemon Sapphire do you get a quickclaw?

Trainers school in Rustburo

How can you get a quickclaw on Pokemon Crystal?

In the National Park, there will be a girl on a bench in the south east corner. Talk to her and she will give you quick claw.

Where to get quick claw in HeartGold?

Go to the national park not during a contest. In the bottom left is a lady. Talk to her and she gives you the quickclaw

Where is the quickclaw on Pokemon Pearl?

once you get through victory road you go back in but at the end and you should find it somewhere where you don't go through ladders

What are the top ten hardest rocks?

1. diamond 2.diamond 3.diamond 4.diamond 5.diamond 6.diamond 7.diamond 8. diamond 9.diamond 10.diamond

Is a simulant diamond a real diamond?

No, a simulant diamond is a fake diamond.

How do you breed a diamond dragon in dragon story?

Diamond + Diamond = Diamond

What is the difference between a real diamond and a diamond aura diamond?

a aura diamond is a man made diamond.

Which anniversary is the diamond one?

60th - diamond 70th - diamond and platinum 75th - diamond

What stone can only be cut by diamond?

Diamond. Diamond is, for example, polished with diamond powder.

Is Selma Diamond related to Neil Diamond?

no Neil Diamond is not related to Selma Diamond

What can scrach a diamond?

Another diamond can scratch a diamond.

What diamond do you pick at the diamond mines?

The diamond with the symbol on it.

Can a diamond scratch itself?

A diamond can scratch a diamond, but one diamond cannot scratch itself.

What is asha diamond?

There is a brand name diamond simulant -- fake diamond -- named Asha Diamond.

How old is the diamond in your diamond ring?

If it's a mined diamond, the diamond is as old as the earth itself.

Is a diamond a square or a rhombus?

A diamond is not a square, but a square is a diamond. A diamond is another name for rhombus.

What were Neil Diamond's Biggest Hits?

Solitary Man (Diamond, Neil)Cherry, Cherry (Diamond, Neil)I Got the Feelin' (Oh No, No) (Diamond, Neil)Thank the Lord for the Night Time (Diamond, Neil)Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon (Diamond, Neil)Kentucky Woman (Diamond, Neil)Shilo (Diamond, Neil)You Got to Me (Diamond, Neil)Brooklyn Roads (Diamond, Neil)Red, Red Wine (Diamond, Neil)I'm a Believer (Diamond, Neil)Sweet Caroline (Diamond, Neil)Soolaimon (Diamond, Neil)Cracklin' Rosie (Diamond, Neil)Song Sung Blue (Diamond, Neil)Play Me (Diamond, Neil)Holly Holy (Diamond, Neil)Morningside (Diamond, Neil)Crunchy Granola Suite (Diamond, Neil)Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show (Diamond, Neil)I Am...I Said (Diamond, Neil)Be (Diamond, Neil)Longfellow Serenade (Diamond, Neil)Beautiful Noise (Diamond, Neil)If You Know What I Mean (Diamond, Neil)Desiree (Diamond, Neil)September Morn (Diamond, Neil/Becaud, G...)You Don't Bring Me Flowers (Diamond, Neil/Bergman,...)Forever in Blue Jeans (Diamond, Neil/Bennett,...)Hello Again (Diamond, Neil/Lindgren,...)America (Diamond, Neil)Love on the Rocks (Diamond, Neil/Becaud, G...)Yesterday's Songs (Diamond, Neil)Heartlight (Diamond, Neil/Bacharach...)All I Really Need Is You (Diamond, Neil/Hensley,...)

Can a diamond scratch another diamond?

A diamond is the hardest known substance, as stated on the Mohs scale. Yes, a diamond can scratch another diamond. Diamond-tipped tools are what workers use to cut and facet diamond stones.

How do use diamond cuts diamond in a sentence?

The diamond cutter taught the intern how a diamond cuts diamond as they cut and polished the raw stone.

Why can diamond cut another diamond?

Diamond grits can be joined together by an adhesive to form diamond blade. This diamond blade can be used in cutting or polishing another diamond. Diamond is the hardest mineral known and is the only mineral hard enough to cut another diamond.

What is the pure form of diamond?

Diamond is the pure form of diamond.

Diamond is which form of carbon?

Diamond is the diamond form of carbon

Can titanium cut diamond?

Only diamond can cut diamond.

Why can a diamond scratch a diamond?

Because diamond is the hardest natural mineral and can only be scratched by another diamond.

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