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In the golden rod tunnel


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I caught a Bellsprout and taught it cut.

You can do it in goldinrod city where you get your picture in the team rocket suit but get a hair cut to make your friendship stronger!

after beating the second gym go to ilex forest and catch Pokemon for him he gives you cut

Cut is an HM. It can only be learned after you beat Bugsy in the Azalea City Gym.

Make sure you have the HM Cut, then go through Digglet's Cave.

Near the small town with the radio tower in Kanto... you need a pokémon with cut.

rock smash go west of violet city and talk to the chubby guy

There is a tree somewhere in Floroma town that you can cut. But before that go in the flower shop.Get the spray duck can. then teach a Pokemon cut. that's all. And if you have heart and gold or soul silver and get stuck in Ilex Forest you have to find the farche'd and teach a Pokemon cut.

There is no side quest to get cut. The only way to get cut is to give the Farfetch'd back to the boy. That is not a side quest, as cut is necessary to move on in the game. That is the only way to get it.

Viridian forest. They are pretty rare though. (p.s The forest isn't cut down in hg ss.)

When your in a forest and you catch 2 farfech'd for the man he gives you the TM headbutt which can knock down trees.

To get Cut on HGSS you have to help the guy by the tree that needs cut by capturing his 2 Farfetch'd

No, it is not able to learn cut.

any Pokemon that has claws lol.

You get cut in the Ilex forest after collecting the two Farfetch'd for the apprentice. The master will offer you HM1, cut.

In Vermilion city cut a tree or surf.

Pokemon Amie works in X or YKeep them at the front of your partyDon't let them feintDon't use items such as revival herb or other items that say 'has a bitter taste' in the descriptionGive them a hair cut and talk to them if you're in Heart Gold or Soul Silver.

HM Cut is given to you by someone in Ilex Forest.

You have to have the HM cut. You earn the ability to use HMs when you defeat a gym leader, but the gym leader does not give you the HM. You find them seperately somewhere in the game. Hope this helps!

The first time you get to ILEX FOREST there is a guy that wants you to sneakily catch the farfetch's then a guy comes and thanks you for helping his assistant and gives you the move cut i hope that helps.....

You need to help the person with his farfetch'd's, then cut down the small tree near the strange bird house. [stupid people]

Pokemon that are like Entei and Kingler or Crabby.

you get it from a guy in the forest after you help him get back his bird pokemon

I don't have heart gold but I'm sure it's like soul silver, you have to beat the 2nd gym leader which she uses bug type pokemon.

some trees can`t cut it in platinum because they need honey after you put honey after a time talk to the tree you will see a Pokemon if it is soul silver there is a sudowoodo looks like tree

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