Where to study MBA in Kuwait?

Updated: 11/6/2022
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There are very few recognised universities here in Kuwait, where you can value the MBA you are of the best is Kuwait Maastricht Business School (KMBS)...this is, infact, the one and only Internationally Accredited Univ here in Kuwait...its a member of the AMBA's this should be one of your options..its a 2-yr course (2.5yrs if project thesis extends), and subjects are taken one at a time....the other good univeristy is Kuwait University..though not recognised internationally, and also offered free for Kuwaiti Nationals, this can be an other option to look out for. The rest of them have just come up, or is not upto the mark - GUST, AUM, AUK (not sure is MBA is there), etc...

in my opinion, the best option would be KMBS, even though the fees might be a bit higher (arnd 3500KD per year)....and with their future plans (building a new campus in FIntas) coming up very soon, i think it will be one of the best in Kuwait....

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Q: Where to study MBA in Kuwait?
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