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I beleive it is somewhere in leafgreen and firered versoin

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How do you defeat the guy with the chainsaw on twisted thicket?

Use your super strength to knock over the crane. Then fly and press the lever to drop the wrecking ball. Use super speed to get to the dump truck. Then use super strength to throw the wrecking ball at the chainsaw guy.

Is mew really behind the truck?

yes, it is, but your going to need these HM's: surf, strengthtalk to the sailor in vermillion city, and he will let you aboard the s.s. anne. go through the door, but don't go through the next one. go to your right, and use surf, keep going right and you will see the red truck. use strength up against it and mew is there.

How do you take truck out of park with no keys?

You push it with all your strength! I think?

How do you use strength in Pokemon pearl?

In some caves, there will be some grey stones that you cannot smash. Teach strength to a Pokemon that is capable of learning strength and use strength on the rock. If you use strength, you will not have to use it again until you use another move or go to another room.

How much weight can your truck pull with a trailer?

That Usually depends on the strength of the truck/engine. A higher horsepower and you should be able to pull more.

How should you use your truck?

I use my truck to tow my camper and haul junk to the dump.

What fuel does truck use?

Depends on the truck. Some use diesel, some use gasoline, some use CNG or LPG.

Where do you use energy?

to have an a strength,and we use also our strength in our work,in school,in a sports, and everything everyday...................

What badge do you need to use strength in Pokemon FireRed?

You can use the move strength in Pokémon to move boulders. You can use strength in FireRed after getting the rainbow badge.

What do you use the truck for on shrink ray island?

You can use the truck to break the window and get out of the apartment and to drive on the road.

Did the truck on The Fall Guy have a name?

No. Colt use to call it "my truck"

An example of personification use truck?

The truck groaned and then roared as it turned on.

How do you catch mew in Pokemon FireRed ruby sapphire emerald pearl or diamond?

In Fire Red you can't get on the S.S. Ann for the entire game. You must get cut by trading then complete the game. After that have a Pokemon with surf AND strength, then go to the S.S.Ann and surf right. There should be a place to land on with a truck. Use Strength on the truck and push it to the right. You should see Mew P.S. I saw this on Utube

How do you measure the strength of an earthquake?

You use a seismograph to measure the strength of an earthquake.

How can you use the word strength in a sentence?

He has great strength. you need alot of strength to lift that. need i go on?

How you use the range selector and spitter of a semi truck?

You go to a truck driving school and learn how to drive a truck.

How do you move the ssanne truck in Pokemon firered?

Strength, but Mew is not under it! You will find a Lava Cookie, though.

How come i can't use strength on the trunk in Pokemon leaf green to get mew?

sadly, that method does not exist. that method never existed even in red blue and yellow. its just some made up crap. mew is not under the truck and u cant move the truck either

What year of trucks can i use for IAT on 2002 trailblazer?

The 2002 truck is the best truck that you can use for IAT on 2002 trailblazer.

How do you use the word strength in a sentence?

If you exercise everyday, you'll get strength, and muscles.

What badge do you need to use strength in Pokemon Yellow?

Strength will activate when you get the RainbowBadge.

Is the BF Goodrich All terrain tire good for my truck?

We have no clue what your truck is or what you use your truck for. More info needed.

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