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When was Andrea amati born?


Which instrument did Andrea Amati invent?


Italian violin maker of cremona?

Andrea Amati, born in 1511

What instrument did Andrea Amati invent?

Andrea Amati invented the violin in his workshop around 1505-1577.

About Andrea Amati?

Andrea Amati was born in 1505 in Cremona, Italy and passed away in 1577. He was responsible for developing the initial instruments of the violin family that we're familiar with today.

When did Andrea amati die?


Where was Andrea amati from?

Cremona, Italy.

Who bought the first violin?

Andrea Amati

Is Andrea amati a real person?

Of course!

Did Andrea Amati create the violin?


who of the following was not a composer?

Andrea Amati

When was the cello made?

The cello was made by an Italian man, Andrea Amati, in the mid 1500s.The cello was invented by an Italian man, Andrea Amati, in the mid 1500s.

Where was Andrea Amati when he was making the first violin?

Amati was in Italy when he created the first violin. he was 13 at the time.

When did Andrea Amati make the violin?

in about the 9th centuary.

Who 1st person invented the violin?

Andrea Amati

Why did Andrea Amati make the first violin?

to rock out.

Who had the idea of the violin first?

His name was Andrea Amati.

What material did Andrea Amati use to make the violin?


Who is the creator of the violin?

Andrea Amati was credited with the invention of the violin.

Andrea Amati is given credit for creating the first?


How much money did Andrea amati spend for the violin?


Who of the following was not a composer (apex)?

Andrea Amati

What year was the violin invented by Andrea Amati?

Amati is the name of a family of Italian violin makers, who flourished at Cremona from about 1549 to 1740. Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri, whose names have become practically synonymous with the word violin, lived and worked in Cremona Italy in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. Andrea Amati of Cremona was most likely the originator of the violin and its family. The oldest surviving instruments of Andrea Amati date from 1564 and only eight survive.

Was Andrea Amati a music composer?

No, Amati was not a composer, he was a luthier who invented the violin in the style still used today.

When was Pasquale Amati born?

Pasquale Amati was born in 1716.