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Q: Where was Big lots last traded price?
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What is the ticker symbol for Big Lots?

The ticker symbol for Big Lots is BIG and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Who owns big lot stores?

Big Lots is publicly traded on the NYSE. Their ticker is BIG. Many mutual funds own large stakes in the company.

Does Big Lots Accept EBT?

At this time, Big Lots does not accept any form of EBT. Big Lots offers their products at such a discounted price that they do not feel the need to accept EBT as a form of payment.

In what movie did Vincent Price make his last appearance?

Vincent Price's last on-screen appearance was in the TV movie The Heart of Justice . On the big screen it was Edward Scissorhands .

What is Big Lots's population?

The population of Big Lots is 14,113.

When was Big Lots created?

Big Lots was created in 1967.

What year was Big Lots founded?

Big Lots was founded in 1967

Who was glen big baby Davis traded to?

Glenn was traded to the Orlando Magic, for Brandon Bass

What was big lots cost basis in 2006?

what was big lots cost basis in 2006?

Does Big lots have takis?

No but right beside Big Lots there is a Mexican store on your right.

What is the motto of Big Lots?

Big Lots's motto is 'Brand Names, Closeout Prices'.

How much money is a big spanner?

There is a big difference in price depending on how big and brand. Cheap enough that you don't mind loosing it to an investment that should last a lifetime.

Where can I buy wholesale outdoor patio furniture?

Big Lots has very comparable wholesale prices. It might be worth it to price shop, and while Wal-Mart isn't know for its wholesale they may be willing to beat or match the prices of Big Lots.

Does big lots sell posters?

Yes, some big lots locations do sell posters

How big is Mt Baker?

i think it is 10,700 feet big if that helps out lots? i you guys out lots!

What is big lots phone number?

Big Lots phone number is: (631) 580-6193

How big is an achor?


When are the notes payable for Big Lots?

fo Big lots have any notes payable for the year 2012.

Has Katie price got security guards at her home?

No, she doesn't have security guards at her house but she has 2 big dogs and lots of people stay with her at night.

Does Big Lots Drug Test?


Is big lots open on Christmas?


Are big lots mattresses refurbished?


Where is the headquarters of Big Lots located?

The headquarters and corporate office of Big Lots is 300 Phillipi Road, Columbus, Ohio. Big Lots are a retail store with over 1,500 stores in the US and Canada.

Where can I find online a discount price on Hub Lot Big Bang jewelry.?

You can find a discount price on HubLot Big Bang Jewelry at act fast cause it wont last forever.

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