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James Madison was from Virginia and lived his life there. He was born March 16, 1751 in Port Conway, King George County Virginia and died at his Montpelier estate in Virginia.

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Q: Where was James Madison from?
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Is James Madison single?

No, James Madison is not single.

Who old James Madison?

how old is James Madison now and how old was James Madison when he died

What is James Madison's father's name?

James Madison's father's name is James Madison, Sr.

Who was James Madison's son?

John Madison was James Madison's son

Is Ambrose Madison James Madison's brother or sister?

Ambrose Madison was a brother of James Madison.

Is James Madison also called James Madison Jr?

Yes- he father was James Madison, Sr.

Who was James madision parents?

Nelly Conway Madison and James Madison (James Madison was named after his father)

From what state was James Madison from?

James Madison is from Virginia.

What race was James Madison?

James Madison was white.

Was James Madison liked?

was James Madison disliked

What is James Madison's full name?

James Madison

What were the names of James Madison's parents?

James Madison was born to James Madison Sr and Nelly Conway Madison.hehehe

What was James Madison's full name?

James Madison did not have a middle name. Therefore, his full name was James Madison - occasionally James Madison Jr., as he shared his name with his father.

Who was James Madison married to?

Dolley Payne Todd Madison was the wife of James Madison.

Who were members of James Madisons family?

issac madison ,james jr,james and nelly madison,james sr father of james madison,his mother elanor conway,grandfather ambrose madison,brother in law thomas chew,wife dolley,james madison known as colonel madison,james jr the widow and frances

Did James Madison found James Madison University?

No. James Madison died in 1836. James Madison University was founded in 1908, as Madison College, a ladies' teachers' college. However, it was named in honor of President James Madison who lived about 120 miles away from the its site .

What is James Madison fathers name?

james madison sin

What were the names of James Madison's son?

James Madison JR.

Who was James Madison the father of?

James Madison is the"father of the constitution"

Which president had the smallest feet?

James Madison James Madison

What is James Madison full name?

James Madison, Jr.

Who was president James Madison's father?

James Madison,Sr.

What did James Madison do at the convention?

James Madison wrote the Constitution.

Was James Madison liked or disliked?

james madison was liked

When was James Madison born?

James Madison was born on March 16, 1751

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