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in new york around the year 1700.

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Q: Where was mummification first used?
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What herbs were used in mummification?

The herbs that were used for mummification were lavender, camomile and thyme.

What chemicals were used during the mummification?

Natron, is used to dehydrate the body before the mummification.

Was mummification used in all countries?

no but China and Egypt were the main countries who used mummification

What was mummification used for?

In ancient Egypt mummification was the preparation of the after life.

Why was mummification usually used only for pharaoh?

It wasn't. Mummification was used by anyone who could afford it and for animals.

When was mummification invented?

mummification was invented probably near the time of 12,000bc Mummification, historically, was used first by the ancient Egyptians. These people did so because of the belief that the physical is tied to the spiritual, so a decayed corpse meant bad times in the afterlife. Mummification is process that has been used by multiple cultures to preserve dead humans, and even animals, against decomposition. Archeological evidence suggests mummification dates back at least 5 millennia.

Who used the mummification?


How did mummification change over time?

When mummification was first being used, the embalmers may not have known what chemicals and supplies were the best to use. Over time, they could test different things to see what provided the best results.

Why was mummification in ancient Egypt only used on the pharaoh or wealthy people?

Because mummification was really expensive.

What was resin used for mummification?

resin is used as a vanish and as a connecting material.

Why did the egyptains use the mummification process?

Egyptians used the mummification process to preserve dead bodies. A mummification was very expensive, therefore, normally only royalty could afford it.

Agents used for mummification?


When did mummification start and end?

Egyptians started mummification in early 500 B.C. But, it is still used in most of the world.

Were the Egyptian pyramids used for mummification?

No, the mummification took place elsewhere before the mummy was placed in the pyramid or tomb.

What is linen used for mummification?

Linen was used to wrap the mummy.

What is the mummification process?

Mummification was not only a technical process but a ritual one, seeking to recreate the making of the first original mummy, Osiris.

What spices are used in the mummification process?


What charms were used in mummification?

charms were used in the mummification process to make sure the soul re can reconize the charm of it's owner also the charm was to be also a gift for the afterlife

What is the first step to mummification?

The body is bathed in wine

What are other tools used in mummification?

Brain hooks

What tools were used for mummification in Egypt?

brain hooks

What is the process used to preserve the Pharaoh's body?


Why were spices used in mummification?

helps it preserve longer

Why was the molten resins used in mummification?

Ancient Egyptians would use molten resin to stuff this material in the mummy's body during the process of mummification.

When was the first mummification done?

Over 4000 years ago.